What is Toornament?

Thanks to our community of organizers, Toornament hosts thousands of esport tournaments and competitions. We created the perfect platform to connect the esports actors around our common passion!

A platform dedicated to esport

From the community tournaments to the pro events, we provide a solution for organizers to run tournaments, and give players a good experience while participating.

A platform dedicated to esport.
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A tournament management software

With state-of-the-art tournament structures, participant management functionalities and sharing modules, we provide a professional-ready solution for esport organizers to create,

A wide range of tournaments to play in

With hundreds of games, and thousands of tournaments set up by the best organizers, players always have a tournament to start their esport journey in and enjoy great gaming moments.

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A network of organizer

A network of organizers to activate

With a global and experimented network of organizers, we help game publishers and brands operate tournament campaigns in a multi-local approach for their communities.

A developer-ready solution

With our API, developers and game studios can build upon the functionalities of our platform, and help us create an even better esport ecosystem. Tournament organizers can also improve their event production by using the API as their data provider for streaming overlays,

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Who are we?

A team of veterans of esport

With 18 years of experience, we have been working in the esport sector since the early days. We are passionate gamers, former professional players and tournament organizers.

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A global media group

Our parent company Webedia (2,000 employees worldwide) is a leading internet media with whom we share a common passion for gaming. Webedia owns esport events and pro teams, leading influencers, video game websites etc.