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AAPG UF Boot Camp Season 4
Playstation 4

Urgent Fury Boot Camp Season 4 an Official AAPG League for PS4

Von Urgent Fury Gaming League
Online, PS4

Welcome to the Official League for America's Army: Proving Grounds. AA has teamed up with Urgent Fury to create a league for PlayStation 4. Teams will compete in a Home vs Away format playing each other twice as the season progresses. Matches will be Best of 3. We have increased team size to a 7 v 7 format.

Matches will be played on Sunday and Tuesday evenings at 9pm central.

By creating a league format this gives teams time to invest in their success. This also allows teams to build capacity as the roster size will be set to up to 32 members.

America's Army: Proving Grounds is free to download on the PlayStation Store. For more information visit today.

Registration for this league is free!
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
Join Discord
TBD at this time
To make it clear, all teams must be in North America

Our rules have been in use since the site started hosting tournaments, but its pretty simple. Don't cheat, use only the players on your roster and respect each other. The complete rules can be read at:

All players will be required to register at You will have the option to create your account by linking your Toornament Account as well. The email for your player must match the email in their Urgent Fury Account.

Total Rounds: 11
Friendly Fire: Full
Max Revives: 0
Use Roles: On
Allow Aim Assist: On