Toornament TV

Toornament TV

Automatically broadcast your tournament information and results to your online and in-person audience

A unique technology

The Toornament TV is an automated and intelligent content display. It is a customizable web page that dynamically displays your tournament results and information. It can be used to display content between matches during your livestreams, and helps your audience get the latest and most relevant information by displaying it on large screens during your offline events.

Keep your audience entertained and informed

The Toornament TV broadcasts a continuous information stream automatically updated on the tournament progress, without the need for human intervention once setup.


Configure once and let it run

No need to intervene manually to broadcast the results on stream or during offline events. The Toornament TV automatically updates its content based on tournament data entered via the Toornament organization software.

Make it easier to follow your tournament

The Toornament TV displays useful information to understand the progress of the tournament including its format, tournament progression and participant ranking depending on the stage currently being played.

Provide up-to-date information on your matches

The Toornament TV provides your audience with match information, latest match results, matches in progress and matches still to come, with their scheduled time and date.

Make your Toornament TV unique

The Toornament TV reflects the branding of your event with its visual customization options.


Show your brand

The Toornament TV allows you to identify your event in an instant. To do this, you can add your logo so that it is permanently displayed when the TV is broadcast.

Apply your own design

Make your Toornament TV unique and reflect the branding of your event. Create a dedicated template with personalized backgrounds and colors.

Give your sponsors additional visibility

Show the sponsors who support the organization of your event. Add their logos to the Toornament TV and display them in a rotating loop.

Discover the Pro Plan

The Toornament TV feature is part of the Pro plan which is dedicated to organizers with advanced or professional organizing needs. Explore these options and unlock the full potential of your tournaments.

Customizable widgets

Enrich your official website or those of your partners with the results of your tournaments by integrating Toornament's dynamic and customizable widgets.

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Personalized tournament public pages

Increase the visibility of your branding and sponsors by exploiting the customization options of your tournament public pages.

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Competition circuit and ranking

Whether you need to build a single national league or a competition circuit made up of multiple international qualifiers, Toornament will make it easier for you to manage them.

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Advanced custom fields

Add advanced custom fields to build the registration form you want and collect the participant data you need.

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