Develop your own project

Build any competition tools you envision for your game, website or app

Design any competitive gaming project

From a single script to a fully-fledged gaming platform, by relying on the API you can create your own project, in true white-label manner.


Use your own visual identity

With the API, you have the freedom to use your visual identity, the layout you want, and the framework of your choice. You can integrate your tournaments data from the API on top of an existing website, app or game.

Bring the competition into your environment

Generate tournaments in your own gaming interface or application. Allow your community to create and manage tournaments themselves in your ecosystem.

Connect your audience

You can use your own, or any third-party, authentication system as your players will not need a Toornament account to participate. They stay on your tournament platform and play from there, following your rules and methods.

Create your tournament platform

Bring your dream gaming platform into existence, structured and organized as you see fit. Combine tournaments, decide how players can register and participate, build circuits and rankings, you make the rules.

Case study

How Project Infinite created its own tournaments platform

The Qatari company Project Infinite has created its white label tournament platform using the API. Thanks to it, Project Infinite has developed a competitive environment and encouraged the practice of esports for both amateurs and professionals in Arab countries.

Scale-up your tournament solution

Open your existing tournament solution to new games and players’ communities. By connecting your tool and service with the API, you can include new competition features without the need for a lengthy and costly development.

Open up to all tournament formats

Toornament organizer software provides the most flexible technology to create any structure format of one or more stages, and configure it with advanced customization options.

> Customizable structure

Organize on any game

From matches with 100 participants simultaneously or involving a time to rank them, organize tournaments on any game types: FPS, Battle Royale, strategy games, sports or racing simulation.

> Supported games

Improve your players' multiplayer experience

Provide your participants tournaments based on their region or level of play, display their progress through leaderboards with your own point system.

> Circuit management

Enrich your website

Use the API to enhance an existing website by displaying data about your tournaments or competitive circuits in white-label.

Display tournament data

The API allows you to easily display in white-label your tournament data on your website without having to develop costly technology to do so.

Update automatically your website

Your website will remain up to date at all times, thanks to API automation, without the need for news or articles, thus removing the risks of errors and delays.

Your project, your data

You keep control and property over your competitions and players data generated on Toornament.

Data protection

Toornament does not exploit your competition data for marketing and commercial purposes. As the data controller, you choose the purposes and means of processing your competition data, while Toornament acts as your data processor.

Custom registration

Have players register directly on your service, and only send data relevant to the competition operation to Toornament. With the API you can anonymize your participants' data and don't give access to any of their other info.

Advanced participant management

You can use participants data in custom fields to link your tournament competitors with another service, and provide them with useful information or service outside of Toornament.

> Custom fields

Explore the developer documentation

The developer website is here to help you understand the core concepts behind the Toornament technology, and accompany you in developing your project by providing extensive knowledge about the API.