EFC Nigeria SFV Qualifiers
Playstation 4

EFC Nigeria Street Fighter V Qualifiers

By League of Extraordinary Gamers
Upbeat Centre, 11, Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
Announcing the EFC Nigeria Qualifiers (offline)

Street Fighter V Nigeria championship

Event open to Nigerians only

Brought to you by League of Extraordinary Gamers.
Africa/Lagos (UTC+01:00)
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Street Fighter V Nigeria championship


Gold, silver bronze medals and trophies

Representation of Nigeria at EFC Africa grand final

All-expense paid trip to Ivory Coast for EFC Africa grand finale for a shot at $5000 top prize
EFC 2018 TOURNAMENT RULES Game Settings :

- Game version STREET FIGHTER V on Play Station 4.
- Versus Mode: 99 secs, 2/3 rounds
- « Skies of Honor », « Kanzuki Family Beach » Stages are not allowed.

Game format:

- 1 Vs 1 tournament
- Number of participants: 32 maximum.
- Double elimination (for the whole tournament).

Group Stage + Top 8

Group stage:

- 4 groups of 8 players for each
- First To 2 for each match
- The 2 finalists of each group (Winner Finalist + Loser Finalist) qualify for the top 8.

Top 8:

- First To 3 for Each Match
- Disposition : A1 Vs B2, D1 Vs C2, A2 Vs B1, C1 Vs D2