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Acer Rocket League 1v1 Tournament

By TowerLan
TowerLan, De Loods - Transit M, Mechelen
This is the Acer Rocket League 1v1 Tournament.
Only (paid) registered gamers for the event will be accepted to participate.
TowerLan registration page:
Europe/Brussels (UTC+02:00)
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1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams will receive a prize.
Prizes will be decided soon.
o Number of players per team: 1
o Compo Admins: Kendorian - Heliocentric
o End of registrations: Friday November 9th, 2018 at 23h00 CET
o Tournament start: Friday November 9th, 2018 at 23h30 CET
o Tournament finale: Saturday November 10th, 2018 at 21h00 CET

General Regulations:

o 1st stage: Groups Round Robin, best 2 of each group go through to playoffs
o 2nd stage: Playoffs Single elimination
o The groups are automatically seeded by the Toornament system. No modifications are made.
o The score of each match needs to be filled in by the match winner in the Toornament system.
o If the score is incorrect (by mistake), an admin needs to be notified to change the score after the two teams agree.
o Every player can dispute a score of one of their wars via Toornament, if there is discussion about the score. This dispute will be followed up by the admins, and closed with a decision. Decisions of the admins are final.
o When there is a tie at the end of the group phase, which would impact teams going through to the playoffs or not, the head-to-head result of those teams will be decisive. If multiple teams tie in a group where the head-to-head results still make a tie, the overall match score difference will be decisive.

o When a player is registered for the Rocket League 1v1 tournament, only he/she can play for that registration. It’s not allowed to have someone else play as substitution.
o By registering for the Rocket Leauge tournament, a player agrees to all the rules listed in the general regulations of TowerLan and the Rocket League tournament.

o If your opponent doesn’t want to play a war, contact an admin.
o The finale will be played on the planned date/time.
o The wars of both the group phase as the playoffs will be played with a BO3 system.
o Every game the winning team takes a screen shot of the final score. These need to be uploaded in Toornament when entering the score. We strongly advice all teams to keep print screens the scores of all their matches on their local devices, until the end of the tournament.
o Matches are played solely on TowerLan dedicated servers. This rule can only be adjusted by the admins in case of technical problems
o All matches are played on the map DFH Stadium
o Match time is 5 minutes.
o Only default settings can be used.
o The first match played for points, can only be started when all 6 participants are present in the arena when the countdown starts. Until that moment, players can practice if they please. After the first match for points has been started, the consecutive matches are played for points. No intermediate training/practice is allowed.
o Apart from the finale, also a 3rd place finale is played between the two losing semifinalists.

Server Crashes & Time-Outs
o Check the server performance before you start to play. Lag, ping issues, anti-cheat not working, etc… won’t be a justified call to interrupt a match. If you notice something before a war, notify the admins.

o When a player goes offline (by server, network or game crash), he/she can reconnect. The match will continue without him/her.
o When a full team goes offline, and the other team stays online, the online team will win the match as a forfeit by the offline team.
o When both teams go offline, the current match is played again from start. The score of the disconnected round doesn’t count, no matter what the score was.

o TowerLan has the right to broadcast/record all wars and Discord communications.
o Cheaters will be removed from the tournament. At multiple violations the cheater will be removed from the lanparty.
o The TowerLan organization might compete in tournaments, but will never accept any prizes. If the miracle occurs that they end on a position where prizes are attached to, the next placed teams/players on prized positions will be placed one place higher in the prize ranking.
o Rules may be subject to change until 1 hour before the tournament kickoff.
o The organization reserves the right to adjust any score after reviewing possible disputes.

If you have remarks or questions about the setup, let us know via or the TowerLan Facebook page!