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HeroesHype Royale Rumble

HeroesHype Battlerite Royale Rumble

By HeroesHype
Online, Los Angeles
On Friday December 14th, HeroesHype will be running a six-round tournament to determine the best Battlerite Royale players in North America, with cash prizes for the top 3 duos! Fifteen teams will be playing with five teams acting as reserves.

Check-in begins at 4:00pm PDT/7:00pm EDT.

Check-in will close and matches will begin at 5:00pm PDT/8:00pm EDT.

The entire event will be cast live by the very talented Halorin & Dreadnaught on the official HeroesHype Twitch channel.

*This is an NA based event*
America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
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Prize Pool:

1st Place
50% Matcherino prize pool ($125 minimum)
3 Gold Chests, 3 Silver Chests, Emperor Scorpion, and Tournament Avatar (courtesy of Stunlock)

2nd Place
34% Matcherino prize pool ($85 minimum)
2 Gold Chests + 2 Silver Chests (courtesy of Stunlock)

3rd Place
16% Matcherino prize pool ($40 minimum)
1 Gold Chest + 1 Silver Chest (courtesy of Stunlock)

4th Place
1 Gold Chest (courtesy of Stunlock)
*All players must be in our Discord Server...Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.*

Discord Channel -

Complete Rules:

Tournament Procedures

-Check-in on Toornament will begin one hour before the start of the event.
-At the start of the tournament, be on the Toornament website and the HeroesHype discord.
-An admin will send out an invite link to the lobby in Discord. Duos will remain in this lobby for the duration of the event.
-All matches unless otherwise noted must be played on the NA servers. The server will rotate between east and west for each match. There will be a coin flip to determine which server will be used in the first game.
-The first 15 teams in Game 1 will be determined by registration order...earliest to latest.

*The bottom five teams every round will be swapped out with the five reserve teams in the next round*

Need a Tournament Admin?

During the event you may CONNECT TO DISCORD if you need a Tournament Admin.
Admins are identified in the Discord. They will help you out!

1st place: 15 points
2nd place: 14 points
3rd place: 13 points
4th place: 12 points
5th place: 11 points
Etc. all the way down to 15th place

Kills: 10 points each

6 rounds in total