UK - Online Qualifier #2

Red Bull Player One 2019 - United Kingdom Online Qualifier #2

By Red Bull
Red Bull Player One 2019 is an awesome worldwide League of Legends 1v1 tournament for amateur players. Partnered with Riot Games in Europe, you can expect a lot of action.

Format: Double Elimination
Registration Closes - 6pm September 22nd
Check-in opens - 4pm September 22nd
Check-in closes - 7pm September 22nd
Tournament starts - 7:05pm September 22nd
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
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Winners and runners up of these online events will qualify to the national finals at the Sphere on the 5th October!

Winners of the Final will go on to officially represent the UK country in an all-expenses paid trip to Brazil in December 2019.

The representatives will have the chance to get in-person coaching from some of the best LoL pros to help sharpen their skills for the finals.

Participants must not participate in the current LCS, LEC, LCK or LPL or any other professional leagues.
You're at least 16 years old
You're only allowed to participate in one country's qualifier
You have to hold valid travel documents

Match Format
Game mode: 1v1, Blind Pick, Bo3
Map: Summoner's Rift
Players are not allowed to kill minions which belong to lanes other than the mid lane, nor creeps which belong in the jungle.
Side choice: The first player mentioned on the match (page) gets to choose the side for game 1 and game 3. The player mentioned second on the match (page) gets to choose the side for game 2.

Both participants have to write three bans in the lobby before each game. The second player mentioned on the match (page) gets to ban first and the bans then alternate between players until both players have banned three characters each.

Winning conditions
Eliminate your opponent
OR Reach 100 creep score
OR Destroy opponent's tower