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START: 20:00

4 Runden

Erangel - Miramar - Erangel - Miramar
Europe/Zurich (UTC+02:00)
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2. PUBG Cup Rules
2.1. PUBG Tournament Format
2.1.1. Common Match Settings
Mode: Esports Mode
Server region: Europe
Weather: Sunny
Perspective: FPP

2.2. Map Pick
Games may be played on Erangel, Miramar or Vikendi with the "Sunny" map setting. For the map choice please refer to the schedule on the info page of the tournament. Teams do not pick or ban maps or weather types.

2.3. Custom Match Settings

2.3.1. Server
Server Mode: Esports Mode

2.3.2. Basic Game Settings
Server Region: Europe
Preset​: PUBG SUPER v1.1.0 Settings
Map​s: Erangel/Miramar/Vikendi
Perspective: FPP
Players: 64
Team Members: 4

2.3.3. Rules Gameplay
DBNO Revive: On
DBNO​ Revive Time: 10s
DBNO​ ​Damage: 1x
Friendly Fire Damage: 1x Blue Zone
Circle Speed: 1x
Display EndCircle Location: Off
End Circle Location Fix Ratio: 0%
End Circle Location Town: 1x
End Circle Location Field: 1x
End Circle Location Mountain: 1x Redzone

Use Redzone: Off Care Package

Care​ ​Package Frequency: 1x
2.3.4. Flare Gun Care Package

Flare Gun Care Package: Off Weather

Weather: Sunny Observer

Convert Dead Player to Observer: Off
Killer Spectating: Off

2.3.5. Spawns Item Spawns

Item Spawn Type: Adjustable Ratio & Adjustable Total Number: 1.8x Ammunitions

Ammunitions: 1.1x
Bolt: 0x
Flare: 0x Weapons

Sniper Rifles: 3x
DMRs: 3x
Assault Rifles: 1.6x
Hunting Rifles: 0.8x
LMGs: 0.8x
SMGs: 1.7x
Shotguns: 0.9x
Handguns: 0.3x
Throwables: 1x
Melee: 1.7x
Crossbow: 0x
Flaregun: 0x ETC

Sight Attachments: 1.1x
Magazine Attachments: 1.1x
Muzzle Attachments: 0.6x
Foregrip Attachments: 1.2x
Stock Attachments: 1x
Quiver (Crossbow): 0x Consumables

Heal Items: 1x
Boost Items: 1x
Gas Can: 0.3x Equipment

Bag​pack: 0.8x
Helmet: 0.9x
Armored Vest: 0.8x
Clothing: 0x Land Vehicles

Buggy: 1x
Dacia: 1x
Van: 1x
Mirado: 1x
Motorbike: 1x
Motorbike w/ Sidecar: 1x
Pickup: 1x
UAZ: 1x Watercrafts

Boat: 1x
Aquarail: 1x
2.4. Ranking points
Each kill is worth 1 points. Placement points are visible in the table below:

Placement Points
#1 10
#2 6
#3 5
#4 4
#5 3
#6 2
#7 1
#8 1
#9 - 16 0
2.5. Circle settings
This tournament will use modified circle settings. Please find the details below:

Circle Number Delay Wait Move DPS Shrink Spread Land Ratio
1 90 180 270 0.6 0.4 0.5 0
2 0 90 120 0.8 0.55 0.56 0
3 0 60 120 1 0.6 0.56 0
4 0 60 150 3 0.6 0.56 1
5 0 50 120 5 0.65 0.56 0
6 0 50 120 8 0.65 0.56 0
7 0 50 90 10 0.65 0.56 0
8 0 50 60 14 0.7 0.56 1
9 0 10 160 18 0.001 10 0

3. Regions

ESL currently hosts cups in Europe. The majority of the team (>50%) has to be from the region they're participating in.

4. Details

4.1. Game preparations

Please resolve any problems that might occur before a match starts. Connection or hardware problems during a match could lead to a disqualification by ESL admins. Make sure all players are eligible to play. In team games, all players must be registered for their corresponding team's roster.

4.2. Substitute Players

It is only allowed to substitute a player before the match starts. If the match is started all players of a team must play the game until the end. It is possible to switch players in a Bo3 between the maps. A team is allowed to have 1 substitute player.

4.3. No show

If a participant cannot play at the scheduled start time, we will remove the team from participating in the tournament.

4.4. Number of players

Teams are allowed to play one match per round with player, in case of technical problems.

4.5. Disconnects

In the case that a player(s) disconnects during a match, the team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage.

4.6. Forfeit

Participants can choose to forfeit a match if they wish. Forfeiting will result in 0 points from that match and possible penalty points.

4.7. Tiebreaker

In case of a tie in the results, the first tiebreaker will be the average placement of the teams during the latest round. In case they still tie the second tiebreaker will be the number of kills. If still tied the winner will be chosen randomly.

4.8. Protests

If a match was incorrectly reported into our system, your team has 10 minutes to protest (under []) the report. Match protests must include media evidence clearly showing the results of the match/series. Teams are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes.

4.9. Re-host

A re-host can only be played with admin initiation. Disconnects and lag issues will only qualify for a re-host if the issue occurs within the first 60 seconds of the game and affects a significant amount of players, barring any unforeseen situations.

4.10. Observers

Observers are organized by ESL admins and people that are given permission by an admin (e.g. shoutcasters or streamers).

4.11. Results

All results will be input by ESL personnel. If anything is unclear, participants should have screenshots available to verify the result and file a protest.

5. Communication & Support

Please submit a support ticket for any assistance during the cup. For communications, we ask teams to use our PUBG Discord-server.

5.1. Admins

All participants must adhere to the decisions and rules of the tournament organizers, admins, and referees. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers, admins or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.

5.2. Match Media

All match media (screenshots, demos, etc) must be kept for at least 14 days. Faking or manipulating match media is forbidden and will result in severe penalties. Match media should be named clearly based on what it is. It is not possible to file a protest or write a support ticket to complain about bad match media naming. However, if an admin is hindered in their work because of bad match media names then it can be punished.

5.3. Casting and Streaming

Casting an ESL match is only permitted with an ESL admin agreement. Personal streaming is always allowed, for any other purposes to get an agreement please write a Support ticket.

5.4. Personal Streaming

Personal Streaming is always allowed if ESL TV is not casting the same match. If ESL TV is casting a match, personal streaming is not allowed without an admin agreement. Personal Streaming of a match shown by ESL TV, without permission from an ESL admin, can lead to a disqualification of the team or ban of the participant streaming content during the tournament. Any such streaming by ESL TV will always be announced before match start.

6. Penalty Point Catalogue

In general, a player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment. A team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players. Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.

Rule violation Number of penalty points
No show1 Team: 3; Player: 2
Reject compulsory challenge Normal: 1
Intense (top 10): 2
Abort match Player / Team: 2
Use of ineligible player
Inactive barrage Player / Team: 3
Barraged Player / Team: 6
Unregistered player Player / Team: 3
Missing Premium (where required) Player / Team: 3
Missing Trusted (where required) Player / Team: 3
Ringer/Faker Player / Team: 6
Playing with wrong gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Playing without a registered gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Unsportsmanlike behaviour
Multiple/Fake accounts Warning / 1-4 penalty points
Deception Player / Team: 1 - 4
Fake result Player / Team: 4
Fake match media Player / Team: 6
Fake match Player / Team: 6
Cheating Player: 12 / Team: 6
1In cup and league matches default wins are given instead of a match deletion and penalty points.
Matches get only deleted if the team/player violating the rules won the match.