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Thursday Nighter . Football .
Playstation 4

WireXx Team No FUT Tournament

By WireXx eSports
Open to any region . NO FUT > UCL Teams only .
ONLY TWO the same teams can participate in this contest .
Join our Discord to pick up your favorite team now !
Playoff format . Best of 1 (or group stage)
Finals : Best of 3
Defence : Tactical
Common sense tournament . Fair play .
* we are not handling Lagging Complaints
* " coin flip " rule could be implemented
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
Promotional and Scouting purposes .

Winner : $10 via PP . Next business day
*Free adrenaline guaranteed for everyone
Highlights reel of this tournament will be published on our Media platform .
* MUST be our follower to be eligible

Future Prizing will depend on Players Activity . On You in particular .
Like and follow us on Twitch , YouTube , Facebook , Twitter so
our partners/advertisers could see that we are making players happy .... And we will come up with cool prizing for you !~

Submit your Team through Discord PRIOR the contest or
attach it to your gaming tag .
NO MORE Than TWO the same teams can be chosen


1rd starts Starts at 3 15 pm EST . June 13th . ( New York Time )

15 min late - automatic defeat

later rounds will be announced .

Finals approx : 6 15 pm est

Good luck to everyone !