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€50 Descent into Darwin

€50 Descent into Darwin - 18:00 GMT - 24th August

By MrGuccy & JaxDagger
Online, EU
€50 EU Tournament same layout as top 100

NA players are more than welcome to play but all lobbies will likely be EU (soz boys)
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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€50 Prize

1st place - €25
2nd place - €15
3rd place - €10
Top 100 rules, 3 rounds per bracket top 10 qualify straight to finals, if you aren't sure what those are simply ask in the discord

Games will be directed and streamed here

(more will be added as we get enough players to ask more directors to take other brackets)


Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and hopefully this will give everyone a reason to get together and play some Darwin