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King of the Sea IX [EU]

King of the Sea IX [EU]

By Ataww, Domin1c, Eclaire, Halcyon, Tobiassho
King of the Seas is Europe's premier community run World of Warships tournament. In the ninth installment teams battle it out to win the prestigious King of the Sea flag and also represent EU in a cross server clash against the NA server.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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Placement Elimination Doubloons Steel
1st 60,000 60,000
2nd Final 48,000 48,000
3rd Semifinal 30,000 42,000
4th Semifinal 18,000 36,000
5th-8th Quarterfinals 15,000 30,000
9th-16 Round of Sixteen 12,000 24,000
17th-32nd Group Stage 12,000 0
33rd-44th Qualifiers 6,000 0
Format: 9v9 at Tier 10

Ship Restrictions: Two Battleships maximum, no aircraftcarrier

Tournament start: Oct 6, 2019

Full rules and more info here: