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By State of Quake
Online, North America
State of Quake presents State o Sac: SACRIFICE LEAGUE. A Monthly battle to see which Sacrifice team will reign supreme.

- 5 weeks of round-robin matches leading up to a single elimination playoff bracket.
- 6 players max per team (4 minimum + 2 slots for subs)
- Each weekly matchup can be played at your own leisure (team captains will coordinate matches)
- Open to all players (Must be played on NA servers)

Season 1 starts NOW! Assemble your team, sign up, LET'S GO!!!

Season 1 Schedule (Weekly matchup player streams are encouraged)
Week 1 matches 9/1 - 9/8
Week 2 matches 9/9 - 9/15
Week 3 matches 9/16 - 9/22
Week 4 matches 9/23 - 9/29
Week 5 matches 9/30 - 10/6
Playoffs - TBD w/o 10/5 or 10/12 (Streamed live @
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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Round robin regular season with a playoff bracket. Exact format will depend on the number of teams participating:
- Five weeks of regular season matches, with an additional week or single day for league playoffs and final.
- Each team plays one bo3 match per week. All three maps should be played regardless of the outcome of the first two maps.
- League records will be based on a point system - each map win nets a team 1 point. For winning the match a team gets an additional 1 point bonus.
- The league default is one division containing all teams. The goal is for each team to play every other team (round robin), or to play as many other teams as the final season and final division structure allows.
- If there are enough teams that sign up, the league will be split into divisions to maintain a reasonable length of season. Divisions will have teams assigned in a way to promote balance between each division. For example, the two “best” teams on paper would not be placed in the same division.
- Depending on the number of sign ups and the skill level of the teams, the league may consider organizing divisions into skill level tiers with separate playoffs and season champions.

The number of teams that make the playoffs will be proportional to the number of teams that sign up for the league season.
- Playoffs will be a single elimination bracket.
- Depending on the number of teams that make up the playoff bracket, the playoffs may be played entirely within one evening or be split into 2 or more evenings (not necessarily consecutive days).
- There will be a 3rd place match between the teams that lose in the semi-finals.
Playoffs and Finals to be casted on Twitch by State of Quake.

Roster Rules
- 6 player roster maximum
- Each team should have a designated captain that handles official communication with other teams and league admins.
- Roster includes 4 minimum players and two extra slots for subs. All players including subs have to be registered for your team at the start of the league season. A player cannot be on the roster for more than one team during a league season.
- Teams are free to field whichever combination of 4 players they wish for a match. There does not have to be 4 players listed as default “starters”.
- A player is allowed to play for one team only during a season. This includes remaining players that were a part of a team that goes inactive. Using an alias to skirt this rule will result in a ban from the league and possible action taken regarding the team involved.
- If divisions are organized based on talent or expected strength of the teams, league admins will need to be informed of relative skill level of any aliased players/smurfs for balancing purposes.

- Matchups will be released at the start of the week Sunday or Monday. Match results must be reported by 12 PM US Central time every Monday.
- There is no default day or time for league matches beyond the preferences below. If teams scheduled to play each other cannot agree on a day/time during the week to play their match, they risk forfeiting the match. If there are differences that can’t be ironed out, please contact a league admin. League admins may pass judgement during scheduling disputes that results in one or both teams taking a forfeit loss ( -1 point).
- The league is North American based and preference will be given to typical NA times and servers.
- As a general guideline, league participants should be able to play in matches between 7pm and 10pm US Central time. If these times are not an option for some of your players, it may be wise to have subs on your roster that can fill in gaps in the team’s availability.
- The server default is NA Central. Teams can agree to play on a different server if they so choose. Please document this agreement via screenshot or video of the conversation.
- The winning team must report the match results along with a screenshot of the final scoreboard for each map to a league admin by the weekly deadline.

- Each match is a set of 3 maps, all 3 maps should be played.
- Matches are to be played in Sacrifice Tournament mode.
- Teams will each ban a map, utilizing the coin flip bot in Discord to determine which team bans first. After 1 ban each, the map pool will have been narrowed to 3. The team that had to ban a map first will determine the order the maps will be played.
- Matches should start within 15 minutes of the agreed upon start time, unless both teams decide to wait or push back the start time.
- At least one player from each team must take a screenshot of the final scoreboard of each map. The winning team must submit a screenshot to a league admin when reporting the match result.
- At least one player from each team should record the entire match to help with dispute or complaint resolution by admins.
- No excessive trolling, flaming, or complaining. Assholes could face disciplinary action based on review by league admins that could result in suspension or ban from the league.

Player Disconnects
- If a player from either team disconnects involuntarily prior to the match warmup period ending both teams will return to the match lobby and the map will be restarted once both teams have 8 players, with every player fielding the same champion that was originally selected.
- If a player disconnects involuntarily during actual play the results are maintained from any already completed rounds.
- If either team has higher capture progress than 19% (20% or higher) the match/round continues without re-starting. The disconnected player may return to the game if possible, but a substitute player may only be added between maps.
- If both teams have less than 20% capture progress, the team that lost a player may ask for the game to be restarted, but the result of any completed rounds within the match are maintained.

General Rules
- League admins reserve the right to change or modify these rules and format of competition as they see fit.
- League admins reserve the right to make judgments based on facts and circumstances and in the spirit of fair and competitive play. These decisions do not necessarily need to be supported by the league rules stated above, and in extreme circumstances may be in conflict with the stated rules.

Map Pool
Blood Covenant
Burial Chamber
Ruins of Sarnath
Tempest Shrine