RC Collect - Map 1: Center

Collection fixed map Tournament: Special Cases 1: Central resource

By HerrSpecht
Also make sure that you use the RC-version of the game.

This is the first round of a collection tournament played on fixed maps. To avoid confusion the whole thing is split up into 5 different tournaments, one for each map. On every map you will have one match vs every other Participant (league-system).

There are no restrictions, everyone may register and use all the tools the game offers. That means, even though this tournament is ment to be a test where you can figure out strengths and weaknesses of your AI, its allowed to adjust your AI for the different maps (or build completely different ones) to improve your winning chances.
While it is allowed to only participate in some of the maps, be aware that the tournament is limited to 15 players. if that cap is reached, i will start kicking players that aren't registered for all 5 Tournaments.
UPDATE: Unless you let me know via discord, if you register here i will automatically add you to the other maps aswell.

The approximate starting-time-schedule is:

Friday 11.10.:
8:00 GMT: SC1: Center
20:00 GMT SC2: Steal
Saturday 12.10.:
8:00 GMT: SC3: Cross
20:00 GMT SC4: Lonely
Sunday 13.10.:
8:00 GMT: SC5: Axis

In this round we will start things of on a quite "standard" map (Gen.Seed: 1275578446).
If you manage to collect the central resource, it 'should' be easy to win.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
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No prize information.
A win is rewarded with 3 points, a draw with 1. (For technical reasons the game will automatically set up a new match when a draw happens. Don't deploy that, the result would be another draw.)
When all tournaments are done the points will be merged and an overall leaderboard will be posted on the discord. If multiple players share the lead, another round will be played with those players on a map all of them can agree upon. If no consensus is found it will be on Seed 1906668498.

When this round is started you have 24 hours to deploy your matches.
After that deployment period, all not-deployed games will automatically deployed with with the first available setup (bot choice+AI) in this order:
-The setup you used the latest in this round of the Tournament
-The setup you used the latest in a ranked match
-The setup you used the latest in a private-/freeplay match
-4 assault-bots with empty AI's