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Halo Wars 2 3 Year Anniversary
PCXbox One

Halo Wars 2 3 Year Anniversary

By Yodesla
Online, Feb 22 12EST
12 Noon EST Feb 22nd
1v1 Format
Cash prize 500$ and 343 Goodie bags for top 3 players

P.S. This is a crowed funded tournament so if you would like to get involved and help with he prize pool. Please donate at please put in the description that the donation is for the tournament. Thank You :)
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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343 Goodie Bag for top 3 players
-Noon start time UCT NewYork TimeZone
-Free entry
-No Repeat leader once you get to semi finals winner bracket.
*Winner Bracket*
-Round 1 and Round 2 will be BO1
-Round 3 will be BO3
-Round 4 BO3
-Round 5 BO5
-Finals BO7
*Losers Bracket*
-Round 1 thru 8 best of 1 game
-Finals Round 9 Best of 3
-No Exploits
-No Glitches
**If there is no moderator and the game takes 45min on the winner bracket is an automatically lost for both players and both player will end up at the loser bracket **
**if the round has no moderator on a bo3 or bo5 and the game takes more than 45 min it will be a draw automatically**

Maps, BedRock/Rift/Frontier/Mirage/Vault/Badlands/Ashes