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Metal Carnage Cup #5

Welcome to the Metal Carnage Cup, a weekly tournament for HMM with money and in-game currency on the line!
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
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1st - €75 & 1500 HMM Cash
2nd - €25 & 750 HMM Cash
3rd - 500 HMM Cash
4th - 250 HMM Cash
5th-8th - 2000 Fame

Anyone who streams the entirety of the Metal Carnage Cup is entitled to 2000 Fame and an emote from the in-game store!
Tournament matches will be Best Of 1, apart from the finals which will be a Best Of 3 with a 1-0 advantage to the team qualifying from the Upper bracket.

All matches will be played on Metal God Arena. Standard Draft will be used for this tournament.

All tournament communication will be on the Metal Carnage Cup discord:

Full HMM Ruleset -