The Harbinger Challenge S3

The Harbinger Challenge Season 3 [XBOX]

By The Harbingers League
--Week 1 Sunday August 30 - All Decks Contain
1 Harbinger Card.
("Wild Cards Are Optional").

--Week 2 Saturday September 5 - Any Master + Any 4 Cards +
("Xiao Long, Shadow Whelp,
Soul Stealer, ATG Drone X8,
Dragon Pack, Harbinger").
("No Wild Cards")
--Week 2 Sunday September 6 - Any 3.5 Average Mana Deck
("No Wild Cards")

--Week 3 Saturday September 12 - All Decks Must Contain
1 Healing Fireball, 1 Priestess,
1 Walking Statue
("Wild Cards Are Optional")
--Week 3 Sunday September 13 - All Decks Must Contain
1 Thelec or 1 Jadespark Watchers
("Wild Cards Are Optional")

--Week 4 Saturday September 19 - All Decks Must Contain
Any 6 Flying Minion Cards + Any 4 Spell Cards
("No Wild Cards").
--Week 4 Sunday September 20 - All Decks Must Contain
4 Zen-Chi + Any 6 Walking Minions
("No Wild Cards")

--Week 5 Saturday September 26 Playoffs -?
--Week 5 Sunday September 27 Championship -?
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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The Harbinger Challenge Season 3

Season 3 Lead Planner/Designer Host
- @ShiftyWW2

Team Officers, Collaborators, Tournament Managers
- @Hazardbomber @rxuzs
- @MatrinnAntraxx
- Logistics Tournament Officer - @Benounced

----Pre-Registration is Now Open

----Prizes - The Harbinger Challenge: Season 3
Events 1-8
8th: Dwarf Pack
7th-4th: Big Dwarf Pack
3rd: Big Dwarf Pack + Big Dwarf Pack
2nd: Mega Dwarf Pack
1st: Random Legendary + Mega Dwarf Pack + Big Dwarf Pack

Final/Championship - Top 4 - Event 9

4th: x2 Big Dwarf Pack
3rd: Mega Dwarf Pack + Big Dwarf Pack
2nd: Random Legendary + Mega Dwarf Pack + Big Dwarf Pack
1st: Dynasty Morellia + Mega Dwarf Pack + Big Dwarf Pack

----Date and Time - Sunday August 30, 2pm New York Time Zone. Beginning of The Harbinger Challenge Season 3
----Check In - Friday August 28 Ends August 30 1pm New York Time Zone
--- Be a member of our discord server
------Sign up with your XBOX GAMERTAG
----Gamers Must be in 1v1 Lobby With Opponent 10 minutes Before Start of Tournament.
----Gamers are not allowed to test Decks out in a random solo Match During the Tournament
----Gamers Must be in The Harbingers Challenge Discord Chat For Check In and Game Play
----If In The Event A Gamer Does Not Have The Required Cards Alternate Cards Will Be
Assigned by The Harbinger Challenge Staff

Register for this entire season and return to this page, which will be linked in our discord server.

Every Xbox Tournament Event check in is at 1 pm New York Time. Check in ends 1:55pm. Tournament Starts 2pm

Every Saturday and Sunday at 2PM New York Time Zone Matches Will Take Place, or check-in for any event you want to take part in. The placements will be made from all checked in players starting at Start of The Harbinger Challenge Season 3. Each Tournament will be a Spartan Influenced Match Rules. The Winner of Each Tournament will Have the Title "SPARTAN" of Minion Masters on XBOX. If in the Event a SPARTAN has won an event before the runner up will receive the SPARTAN Title and so on. At the end of Season 3 The 4 Top SPARTANS will then compete for The Harbingers Challenge Xbox World Championship Single-Elimination Tournament and The Title #1 XBOX Minion Master In the World

Each event has its own custom rule set , the table of events and resources will be available in The Harbinger Challenge Discord server under #tourament-info

You may stream your own matches, please contact ShiftyWW2 or Rxuz on our discord server if you wish to stream the whole event.

Gather as much evidence as possible through Xbox or Phone capture and forward on discord, it is your responsibility to understand and enforce that your opponent is playing in accordance with the rule set. Playing a deck that is not in accordance with the rule set is an automatic forfeit of the game.

In the event that you realize you are not playing a deck in accordance with the rule set, you will be allowed to reset the match if your opponent has not taken any damage. If you are playing against the rule set and your opponent takes damage, it is an automatic forfeit of the point.

1st: 10 points
2nd: 8 points
3rd: 7 points
4th: 6 points
5th: 5 points
6th: 4 points
7th: 3 points
8th: 2 points
Everyone else: 1 point


GG Everyone - ShiftyWW2