PES League NL Online Ronde PES Holland Zondag 28 februari 18.00 uur

By PES Holland / PES League NL
Online, PlayStation Network
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Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+02:00)
De winnaar wint toegang tot het Nederlands Kampioenschap PES 2016 dat in april gehouden wordt bij Football Temple in Amsterdam.

Players aren’t required to be signed into their PSN accounts whilst playing matches in Offline Structured Events; however they do need to have signed up to the event using their PES League account.


Players will be given fixtures during the event by the event admin and directed to where they and their opponent are to play.

Match creation

Matches within offline structured events will be played on Exhibition Mode on PES 2016. Any further constraints that need to be selected within that mode will be communicated by event admins at the event.

It is the responsibility of both players to make sure the match has been set up within the correct constraints.


Players may use any team available to them, other than classic teams, on the Exhibition match mode of PES 2016 providing they fall within any constraints set for the event.

Unless otherwise stated, once a player has played a match within a structured online event with a team, they must continue to use that team for the remainder of the event.

Selections and Settings

Players may select any kits PES 2016 makes available for them. If a player believes there is a clashing of kits they must raise this to an event admin as soon as possible. The event admin will then make a decision on how to proceed based on the circumstances.

Players may decide among themselves which ball or stadium depending on what is available to them on PES 2016 unless stated otherwise by the event admin.

If the opposing player has any objection to the ball or stadium used then they must raise their concerns to the event admin who will then make a decision on how to proceed.

Stadium settings for online structured events must be the following for all matches unless otherwise stated by an event admin:

Time: Night
Season: Summer
Weather: Fine
Length of grass: Normal
Pitch Conditions: Normal
Players may use any game plan and support settings allowed within PES 2016. It is their responsibility to make sure these are in place prior to the match starting. USB sticks or other methods of data transfer aren’t permitted for use in team set-ups.

Match Play

Playing Offline Structured Event Matches

Players may play offline unstructured event matches in any way they wish to do so within the limits of PES 2016 itself. This includes all gameplay and tactical elements of the game.


Players are not permitted to pause whilst the ball is in play during a match under any circumstances. Pausing may be done whilst the ball isn’t in play and players are allowed to make any tactical or settings.


In the occurrence of equipment failure, disconnection or other unexpected disruption then the event admin will assess the situation and make a decision on how to proceed with both the event as a whole and any matches that have been affected as a result. This will be done on a case by case basis.

Behaviour, Fair Play and Punishments

Please note that all matches within structured offline events are governed by the PES League rules regarding behaviour and fair play (section 3.6). Any player suspected to be breaching these rules may find themselves the subject of a PES League investigation and/or punishment.

Event placing and progression


On the completion of each match event admins will record the result of each match into the PES League system. Players are not permitted to progress past the match statistics screen until an event admin has done so.

Event placings

Within league events and the league section of tournament events within PES League official events the positioning of players within tables will be decided by:

The number of points gained within that stage of the event(based on a system of 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss)
Goal Difference within that stage of the event (the number of goals scored minus the number of goals conceded)
Goals Scored within that stage of the event.
If two players are tied on the above three measures then players will play a one off 5 minute match with extra time and penalties turned on. The winner of this will be awarded the higher league position.

In the rare event that more than two players are tied on the above three constraints then the event admin will decide the best method of deciding the positioning of players using their own discretion.

Within knockout events and the knockout section of tournament events within PES League official events a players progression is decided by.

The player who has scored the most goals over the number of legs in that round of matches.

If the round is one legged then the players should play extra time and penalties to determine a winner.
If the round is two legged then the players must play a 5 minute exhibition game with extra time and penalties. The winner of this game progresses within the event.
League / Tournament Tables and Knockout Trees

All League / Tournament tables and knockout trees will update as scores are entered into the PES League system.

PES League Rankings Points

PES League Rankings points will be awarded/deducted based on the results each player gains through eligible matches within the structured offline event and will be set at the respective K-value.

Event Progression

Unless otherwise stated by the event admin, players are expected to be present from the start of the event until they are no longer required to play matches, or the event is complete. This includes any periods of time where they aren’t playing but others are.

Once a player completes a match an event admin will advise when their next match is, and which machine it will be played on.


Any official breaks in play will be communicated by the event admin along with the duration of the break and the time which players need to be present in the general playing area ready to recommence play. Failure to report back at the correct time may result in a player to be considered absent.

If the opportunity arises whereby a player isn’t required to play a match outside of an official break (for instance if their group contains an odd number of players and all other participants are playing each other) then they may do with the time what they please. It is however the player’s responsibility to monitor the timing of these games and be available for their next game. Failure to be available for their next game may result in the player to be considered absent.


Players are expected to be playing or present to play matches at all times during an official offline event. Any players who aren’t immediately present to play their matches run the risk of being eliminated from the tournament. PES League admins are under no obligation to actively search for the player in these instances.

If players do need to leave the area of play for any reason then they are advised to let an event admin know where they are going and how long they estimate they will be. In doing this, players are still not exempt from being considered absent.

Uncompleted / Unfulfilled Matches

No PES League Ranking points will be rewarded for uncompleted games under any circumstances.

In order to ensure that the event can be run through the PES League system, the event admin may enter a nominal score to denote that the player has lost the match by default. Although these will display on the offline Structured Event page, these will not distribute PES League Ranking points nor affect the PES League 2016 Season Table.

Event Completion

The event will be complete once all the matches within the event have been either completed or defaulted and any necessary prize awarding has been fulfilled.

The confirmed winner of the event will be published on the event page as soon as the result of the final fixture has been entered by the event admin.

Please note that this result is liable to change pending all eligible results being updated and standard fair play checks on all players involved.