Competition circuit

Build your own competition circuit

Easily manage your competition circuit with its participant leaderboards in one place

Make your competitive project real

Be it a competition with several qualifying cups and a final, a league with multiple seasons and divisions per year or an international competition on several continents with national tournaments, Toornament makes it all possible with its Circuit feature, in a way that is easy to manage and present to your players!

Sort your tournaments by season, region or tier

Create your competition circuit and assign a season, region and/or tier to each tournament. Display them in an orderly fashion on your competition circuit page.


Organize your tournaments and leagues cycles in multiple seasons. Facilitate access to your current season and previous ones.


Split your circuit in several geographical or technical areas, to structure the participation.


Give more importance to some tournaments by attributing them a competitive tier.

Generate custom leaderboards

No more headaches and Excel spreadsheets to update and calculate your participant leaderboards. Easily generate custom leaderboard of your players and teams based on the results of multiple tournaments in your competition circuit.


Custom points scale

Apply your rules by defining your own points scale based on the final position of participants in your tournaments.

Points scale by tier

Create a different points scale depending on the tournament's tier. Have tournaments be part of the leaderboards of a particular season or region of your circuit.

Automatic calculation

At the end of each tournament, Toornament will award the points, calculate the new total for each participant and generate the leaderboard automatically and instantly.

Display your competition circuit

Group and display all the information of your competition circuit neatly on a dedicated page. Allow participants to easily sort tournaments according to their needs and access their always up-to-date leaderboards.

Discover the Pro Plan

The competition circuit feature is part of the Pro plan which is dedicated to organizers with advanced or professional organizing needs. Explore these options and unlock the full potential of your tournaments.

Customizable widgets

Enrich your official website or those of your partners with the results of your tournaments by integrating Toornament's dynamic and customizable widgets.

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Toornament TV

Automatically broadcast your tournament results and highlights to your online and in-person audience thanks to the Toornament TV display solution.

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Advanced custom fields

Add advanced custom fields to build the registration form you want and collect the participant data you need.

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Personalized tournament page

Increase the visibility of your branding and sponsors by exploiting the customization options of your tournament public pages.

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