Advanced custom fields

Leverage your participants data fully

Add advanced custom fields to build the registration form you want and collect the participant data you need

Create a personalized registration form

Do not limit yourself in your tournament registration form setup. Thanks to the advanced custom fields, you can configure your registration form to collect all the data useful for the organization of your tournament, to better know your players or for your marketing needs.

Take advantage of all types of custom field

Add as many additional fields as you need on your participants. They can be mandatory or optional, public or private and come in numerous field types, such as identifiers, checkboxes, single and multiple select fields.

Text custom field

The custom field allows you to request any content in text format from your participants. It makes possible to collect information other than the basic ones on the identity, birthdate, country or in-game account of the player.

Single and multiple select fields

You can add single or multiple choice selection fields with either a drop down list, checkboxes or radio buttons. You can define how many answers are expected, with a mandatory minimum and optional maximum.


The checkbox can be used to answer a question with Yes or No, or to request consent to a newsletter or a special request.

Know your participants better

Learn more about your participants by requesting additional information such as their personal/team website or social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram etc) using dedicated fields.

Collect and export your data

Toornament handles competition and participant data on your behalf, following strict privacy principles, in compliance with the European GDPR.

Collect registration data for up to 4096 participants per tournament, whether it's a player, a team or a team member.

Export all the data collected in CSV format. As data controller, you choose the purposes and means of processing your competition data.

Discover the Pro Plan

The advanced custom fields feature is part of the Pro plan which is dedicated to organizers with advanced or professional organizing needs. Explore these options and unlock the full potential of your tournaments.

Competition circuit and ranking

Whether you need to build a single national league or a competition circuit made up of multiple international qualifiers, Toornament will make it easier for you to manage them.

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Personalized tournament public pagees

Increase the visibility of your branding and sponsors by exploiting the customization options of your tournament public pages.

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Toornament TV

Automatically broadcast your tournament results and highlights to your online and in-person audience thanks to the Toornament TV display solution.

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Customizable widgets

Enrich your official website or those of your partners with the results of your tournaments by integrating Toornament's dynamic and customizable widgets.

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