Organize any competition

The most comprehensive solution to manage your tournaments and leagues.

Customizable structure

Highly customizable structure

Create your dream structure with one or more stages, each built with a combination of stage type and advanced configuration options.

Various stage types

You can choose from and combine a wide selection of stage types, split into Duel and Free-for-All formats, with bracket-based (single or double elimination, bracket groups, gauntlets) and ranking-based (round-robin groups, league, swiss system, simple) stages.

Scoring system

In ranking-based stages, you can choose how points are awarded. The points can be calculated on metrics from either the matches or the match sets. Combine solutions and add tiebreakers to make sure the ranking reflects your rules to the letter.

Composition and pairing

If your stage has several groups, you can choose the method used to seed participants in these groups, from simple adjacent methods to bracket or seed-optimized ones. The matches are then created following a pairing based on a default method, or your own custom one.

Bracket modification

Stages involving brackets can be adjusted to avoid playing unnecessary matches thanks to a threshold option. You can also change how brackets are seeded by swapping match seeds, including in the loser bracket, before or during the competition.

Circuit management

Manage your competitive circuit

Create your circuit, and attribute a season, region and tier to each tournament.


Organize your tournaments and leagues cycles in multiple seasons. Facilitate access to your current season and previous ones.


Split your circuit in several geographical or technical areas, to structure the participation.


Give more importance to some tournaments by attributing them a competitive tier.

FFA support

Up to 100 participants per match

With players and teams both, you can have up to 100 participants in each Free-for-All match of your tournament. Just select the right stage type to orchestrate the match and let Toornament take care of the rest.

Specialized stage types

FFA stages come in two flavors: Simple or Bracket. Simple is for single FFA matches, that can be played over several games. The FFA bracket is a more advanced structure that combines FFA and single elimination in a stage, where you can set the number of participants and winners in each match.

Battle-royale support

Battle-royale disciplines come with a dedicated match format that lets you configure the way points are earned after each match, depending on the rank and kills of each participant. Score and position are automatically calculated, over several games, to rank the participants in the match.

Seeding and placement

Choose your seeding method

To start a tournament’s stage, you need to put participants in it. Provide your seeding and let Toornament use it to place the participants in the stage. You may also place them directly in the stage, or use a combination of both.

Seed the participants

You can seed the participants in a stage via a dedicated interface, that lets you order and select them. Attribute them a seed, lock some of them, shuffle the others, you have everything you need to follow the rules of your tournament.

Or place them

Alternatively, you may also directly place the participants in the stage, via a visual interface. This also serves as a preview of the seeding process, and as changes are only publicly visible once saved, it allows for testing.

Match formats

Adaptable match formats

Each match can be configured with a match format that lets you set how many games are to be played and how they will contribute to the final result of the match.


A match can be played in a single game. The game score and result will automatically become the score and result of the match.

Home & Away

This format aggregates the scores of two back-to-back games into one match, with the winner being the participant that has scored the most.


Popular among esports competitions, the best-of format has a winner as soon as a participant wins more than half of the games.


A match can be made up of any number of games that will all be conducted, regardless of the score and result of the previous ones.

Supported games

Organize for any game!

Toornament provides an enhanced support for more than 500 disciplines for which game specifics such as maps, mods, characters or factions are managed. If you don’t find your discipline, you can request its addition.