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Discover a selection of projects from around the world using Toornament solutions to manage and promote their tournaments.

Website builder + Tournament software

LoL official French leagues

The Webedia company relies on Toornament management software to organize the famous French Leagues of League of Legends. In parallel, it uses the Toornament website builder to create their white-label websites and update them automatically after each weekly results.

> Visit the LoL official French League website

Website builder

Thanks to the website builder, Webedia was able to create the LFL and DIV2 white label websites without any development while applying the graphic and design charter of each league. The leagues results are automatically updated on the sites after each match day thanks to the connection between the tournament management software and the website builder.

Tournament management

Toornament organizer software allows Webedia to manage in an orderly manner the two leagues each made up of multiple seasons, rankings and playoffs. The tournament management software flexibility adapts to the particularities of the formats used for both leagues.

Platform + Game integration

Trackmania World Tour

Publisher UBISOFT and studio NADEO have chosen Toornament to launch the Trackmania World Tour official platform and provide its community a full integrated and white-label experience.

> Visit the Trackmania World Tour website

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With the Platform solution, Ubisoft and Nadeo have a complete white-label tournament platform dedicated to the official Trackmania competition. It relies on its own independent user database and a completely transparent player experience. Players can notably register, manage their account, participate in tournaments and earn points in the global ranking. Community-organizers can manage their tournaments directly on the Platform.

Game integration

For this platform, Toornament developed a specific Trackmania integration to create an even more immersive and fluid experience. Players can authenticate on the platform using their Ubisoft and Trackmania account. Organizers can generate match servers and retrieve scores automatically from the tournament management software. Finally, specific tournament formats to the game and official competition have been added.

Website builder + Tournament software

E.V.A competitive portal

The revolutionary network of virtual reality venue "E.V.A" manages all its tournaments and showcased them on a fully-branded website thanks to Toornament solutions.

> Visit the E.V.A tournaments website

Website creation

The no-code tournament website builder solution made it possible to create the E.V.A competition portal completely in its brand's graphic universe, from tournaments results display, to news and VODs list.

Tournaments management

E.V.A team centralizes and organizes all its national leagues and cups with Toornament management software. Moreover, each local gaming center manages also its tournaments activities with the software.

API + Tournament software

Showdown tournaments platform

The Qatari company Project Infinite has created its white label tournament platform using the API. Thanks to it, Project Infinite has developed a competitive environment and encouraged the practice of esports for both amateurs and professionals in Arab countries.

> Visit the Showdown tournaments platform

API integration

The API allows Project Infinite to combine Toornament management software with its own registration system and players database. The Toornament data is integrated into the layout and branding of the website.

Tournaments management

Project Infinite manages tournaments on many games played in duel, team or free for all, but also in different types of structure. Toornament's management software was able to give them the organizational flexibility they needed.

Tournament software

Gamers Assembly LAN Party

The Gamers Assembly, the largest French LAN Party, uses the Toornament management software to organize its dozen of tournaments welcoming more than 1,500 participants.

> Explore the Gamers Assembly 2023 tournaments list

Tournaments management

The admins team organized its tournaments on a dozen of different games including League of Legends, Valorant, FIFA 23, Rainbow Six, Halo or also Pokemon. Each required a different tournament format to fulfill the needs of its gaming community and constraints of the event.

Tournaments promotion

The Gamers Assembly displayed the tournament results on its website using widgets available with the Toornament organizer software. At the same time, the Toornament TV tool allowed the automatic and easy broadcast of the results on large screens on the event.

Website builder + Tournament software

Sahel Esports Champions tournament

Toornament accompanied African company SAGES to organize the Sahel Esports Champions, a FIFA tournament made of multiple national qualifiers and a regional offline final in Dakar, Senegal.

> Visit the Sahel Esports Champions website

Website creation

The competition site was quickly setup and hosted thanks to the Toornament website builder. The SAGES team was able to concentrate on the organization and communication of the tournaments.

Tournaments management

SAGES managed the registrations, the running of the 5 national qualifications and the grand final with the Toornament's competition management software.

Website builder + Tournament software

eCoupe de France

The French Football Federation manages its official national eCoupe de France competition through Toornament solutions and thus offers its players a dedicated environment.

> Visit the E-Coupe de France website

Website builder

The website builder allowed the French Football Federation to release without development a website automatically integrating the competition circuit and its results, while respecting the graphic charter of the project. The website contains notably the tournament calendar for each competition stage and local district, aswell as competition rules, VODs etc.

Tournaments management

The tournament management software allows the Federation to administer its entire competition circuit, from qualifiers to the final. Locally, each district has access to the software and uses it to organize its own tournaments and register them in the official circuit of the federation.

API + Tournament software

Portuguese Football Federation

The Portuguese Football Federation launched its own tournaments platform dedicated to its eFootball activity to reach a new young audience and video game fan.

> Visit the Portuguese Football Federation esports platform

API integration

Thanks to the API, the Portuguese Football Federation staff integrated some organizational processes and data displays into the platform such as tournament registration, the participant list, the match list and the players stats.

Tournaments management

The Portuguese Football Federation staff uses the tournament management software to organize several dozen tournaments per season on the platform. Results are displayed on tournament pages by integrating Toornament widgets.