Integrate and share your tournament anywhere

Embed your tournament data on any other website with a single HTML line to easily share information

Easily share your tournament data

Enrich your official website or those of your partners with the results of your tournaments by integrating Toornament dynamic and customizable widgets. A simple way to promote your tournament wherever you want effortlessly.

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Dynamic and evolving content

Take advantage of dynamic widgets which content evolves as the tournament goes, to display information before it starts, latest and upcoming matches during the event, and the winner once the tournament is over.

Edit once, update everywhere

Don't waste your time to update all your websites one by one. Enter match scores just once from the organizer interface and all of your supports integrating the widgets will be updated instantly.

Get rid of input error

Thanks to the widgets, make no more typing errors. Once updated on Toornament, your lists of matches, results and rankings will be displayed perfectly on your websites

Decide exactly what tournament data to highlight

Have a wide range of configurable widgets to display any stage or result of your tournament and make its monitoring more efficient on your website.


Add direct access to your registration form

Place a dedicated registration widget button to inform your website visitors of the tournament registration status. The players will only be one click away from your tournament registration form.

Show results of any tournament stage or round

Choose any stage, round or match from your tournament to be displayed with the widget. The display will automatically adapt to the type of stage, whether it is a bracket, a round robin, a swiss round or an ffa match ranking.

Display your match schedule

Keep your visitors informed of upcoming matches. Display your detailed match schedule! You may also filter the dates to only display a fraction of the matches!

Adapt the widget to your audience

Configure your widgets so that they integrate perfectly with your website and make them easier for your audience to consult.

White label display

The widgets adopts a sober and neutral design, without displaying the Toornament logo, to easily integrate into your website.

Size adaptable to the support

Modify the widget size in width and height according to its content and the space that hosts it on your website.

Available in 7 languages

Choose from 7 available languages to display the content of your widget and adapt it to your audience.

Discover the Pro Plan

The widgets feature is part of the Pro plan which is dedicated to organizers with advanced or professional organizing needs. Explore these options and unlock the full potential of your tournaments.

Competition circuit and ranking

Whether you need to build a single national league or a competition circuit made up of multiple international qualifiers, Toornament will make it easier for you to manage them.

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Personalized tournament public pages

Increase the visibility of your branding and sponsors by exploiting the customization options of your tournament public pages.

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Advanced custom fields

Add advanced custom fields to build the registration form you want and collect the participant data you need.

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Toornament TV

Automatically broadcast your tournament results and highlights to your online and in-person audience thanks to the Toornament TV display solution.

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