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Jimm's CS:GO Professional

Jimm's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Professional

By LanTrek Ry
Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus, TESC
Date: 2.-3.3.2018
Place: Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (TESC), Tampere, Finland
Teams: 8
Prize pool: 6000€
Participation fee: 200€ per team
Format: Group Stage & Single Elimination Playoffs
Participation: Invitation (4 teams) + 2 x Qualifier (4 teams)

Head Admin: Tomi "toMi" Pitkänen

Four teams enter the tournament via an invite, and four teams enter via online qualifiers.
You can send application for invite here:
Note that all participants are required to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses!


2 Groups (A, B)
Groups: Double-Elimination BO1 (Decider BO3)
Playoffs : Single-Elimination BO3
Final: BO3


Friday, 2nd of March 2018

11:00 EET Group A -⁠⁠ Group opening match #1, BO1
11:00 EET Group A -⁠⁠ Group opening match #2, BO1
12:30 EET Group A -⁠⁠ Winners, BO1
12:30 EET Group A -⁠⁠ Losers, BO1
14:00 EET Group A -⁠⁠ Decider, BO3

18:00 EET Group B -⁠⁠ Group opening match #1, BO1
18:00 EET Group B -⁠⁠ Group opening match #2, BO1
19:30 EET Group B -⁠⁠ Winners, BO1
19:30 EET Group B -⁠⁠ Losers, BO1
21:00 EET Group B -⁠⁠ Decider, BO3

Saturday, 3rd March 2018

13:00 EET Semi-⁠⁠final A, BO3
17:00 EET Semi-⁠⁠final B, BO3
21:00 EET Final, BO3

If you have any questions, please send us an email to
or hit us up on Discord toMi#8648 / Troijis#0990
Europe/Helsinki (UTC+03:00)
Prize pool: 6000€

1. 4000€
2. 2000€
3.-4. Product prize
These rules are the official rules of SEUL (Finnish esports Federation) for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Rules in Finnish:
English Translation: