Ryhit Cup #1

Ryhit eSports Cup Season 1

By Ryhit eSports
Ryhit eSports is hosting a tournament where teams of any skill level can compete for the number 1 position!
Most of the games will be casted.
Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
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As of now there will be no prize. We will play for the experience and to be number 1
30 mins before the game a team captain has to join a discord server to do a veto.
Discord: https://discord.gg/9ZftcTg

The first stage is gonna be played as a league.
All matches are BO1.
All teams are gonna play against each other.
Best 16 teams continue to the next stage.

The second stage is the playoffs (double elimination).
All matches are BO1.
The best 4 teams will continue to the last stage.

Finally, the last stage will be played as a playoffs (single elimination).
All matches are BO3.