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Ambro Cup #1 - Beyond the Void

Ambrosium Cup #1 - EUW Server

By B2Expand
Tournament starts Sunday 22nd at 2pm (London time).

Check in starts 30 minutes before on discord (

It is the second online tournament held on Beyond the Void.
Beyond the Void is a Free To Play available in early access on steam. It's a MOBA / RTS in 1 versus 1.
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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Winner receives a unique in game title.
Other prizepool will depend on how many players participate in the tournament.
Anyone can register to this tournament.

Groups stage matches are BO1, finals during playoffs are BO3.

First and second players of each group stage qualify for Playoffs.

As the player who duels another player first picks his primary skill, players may determine by themselves who invite the other.
If there is a conflict please ask Dismay on Discord to make a coin toss.

For BO3 in playoffs:
- First map: upper player invites the other player
- Second map: lower player invites the other player
- Third map: coin toss by the admin.