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Scorpia | World Championship

Scorpia World Championship | Country vs Country

By Scorpia Tournaments
Welcome to the Scorpia World Championship!

Scorpia Tournaments is organizing a tournament in which countries will battle against countries. This kind of tournament has never been done before and we a lot of our players would love to see such a tournament, so here we are!

Sign your team up and join our discord! Every team must be in our discord in order to participate!
Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+02:00)
Join Discord
1st place 15$
2nd place 10$
3rd place 5$
You can create your own team and sign up. In the first stage of the tournament we will let teams of the same country battle against each other, so that we will only have 1 team per country.

Second stage will be Swiss rounds, and every country will battle for a spot in the finals.
8 countries will go through to the finals and battle in a double elimination stage for the first, second and third spot!

Terms and Conditions

By registrating for this tournament you agree with the Terms and Conditions of Scorpia Tournaments. We expect you to follow these rules when playing in our tournament!

1. Discord

All players must be in the Scorpia discord and have the csgo rank, which can be obtained by the players themselves in the #get-your-role channel.

1.1 Voice channels

Players can use their own voice channels, except for in the finals. We will provide closed voice channels for every team. These have to be used!

1.2 Chat

Chat rules that are layed out in the #rules-information channel count for the whole server. If you get too much warnings for breaking those rules and you get banned, then you are not in our discord anymore and thereby not in the tournament anymore. The team will still be in the tournament, but will need to have another player signed up upfront.

2. Behaviour

All players are expected to behave in a normal way.