MPGL India - Open Qualifier

MPGL India finals - Open Online Qualifier

By Nodwin Gaming
Online, Online
MPGL India - Open Qualifier

Play Date: 15th April, 2018
Round 1: 12:00 pm - 15th April
Round 2: 01:30 pm - 15th April
Round 3: 03:00 pm - 15th April
Round 4: 04:30 pm - 15th April
Round 5: 06:00 pm - 15th April
Round 6 - till finals - Rest of the day
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
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The winning team gets a slot in closed India qualifiers which will be taking place on 21st and 22nd April, 2018.

The three teams invited for closed India Qualifier are:
ROG Titans
Step 1:
Fill in the below google form and register on toornament website.
Form Link:

Step 2:
Join our discord channel to find out your opponents.
Channel link:

Step 3:
Teams are required to be present at on Sunday (15th April) from 12 noon to 6 pm for your matches as the tournament will end on the same day.

Step 4:
Contact your opponents on the discord channel or with the help of google form which has your opponents contact number. We highly recommend to have your team name tag on your discord name

Step 5:
Update the screenshot of the game on discord channel #score-updates in the below given format:

Team name:
Opponent team name:
Note: You are also required to update the same screenshot on toornament brackets.

If you face any problem, kindly reach out to an admin for help on our discord channel.


1. A player must be a resident and a citizen of India to be eligible to participate in the tournament.

2. Lobby Settings
● Lobby Password: Mandatory
● Game Name: Mandatory
● Enable Cheats: OFF
● Bot Difficulty: Random
● Version: Tournament
● Series Type: No Series
● Game Mode: Captains Mode
● Starting Team: Depending on Toss
● Penalty-Radiant: None
● Penalty-Dire: None
● Server Location: INDIA
● Spectators: Enable
● Dota TV Delay: 5 minutes

If your opponent does not show up on discord channel from the 15 minutes of the allotted time, kindly reach out to the admin for help.