Acceleration Gaming Tournament

Acceleration Gaming 2v2 Pubg Mobile Tournament

By Acceleration Gaming
There is NO custom room.
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Me and my brother always loved PUBG mobile and we want to compete with other people like us.
UPDATE: DO NOT cancel your registration in the tournament if you don’t get accepted. Anyone who misses the check in time will be replaced.
America/Detroit (UTC-04:00)
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No prize but I can guarantee fun!
1: No sabotage (Causing Your teammate to die)
2: You don’t have to revive or help your teammate in any way shape or form.
3: You must be honest when reporting match results.
4: Lying while reporting match results will result in a ban from all Acceleration Gaming tournaments.
5: Do not harass your teammates in the in-game voice chat.
6: You must record and/or stream and/or take screenshots that give prove of who won the match that you are in.
7: You must agree to allow us to see/use any footage and/or screenshots you take or record during the tournament.
8: Each team will have a turn being party leader.
9: Overall just be nice. It’s just a game.
10: HAVE FUN! :)
11: Rule breakers will be disqualified.