Acceleration Gaming|The Final Circle Paid tournament December 2018

By AccelerationGaming
This is the first paid version of “The Final Circle”
AccelerationGaming presents “The Final Circle” The final circle is a FPP custom room tournament meant to draw in the best of the general public in a monthly tournament available to everyone.
100 Players drop into an island and are forced to fight to the death against the other competitors with hopes of winning from a up to $125 prize pool.
The custom room Id will be shared in the AccelerationGaming’s discord that you can join here
The custom room will be created at 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time to give people time to join And will start at 4:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
After being accepted you are required to send $1.50 to the tournament creator’s PayPal.
The entry fee will be used to pay for the tournament reward.
America/Detroit (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
Opportunity to join AkimboGaming’s Pubgm Tournament Team.
Access to the tournament finals on November 16th 2018.
The winner of each tournament will have a guaranteed spot in the next month’s tournament.
The winner of each season will have a guaranteed spot in the next seasons finals.
The winner will have a free entry in the next The final circle Paid tournament.
Up to $10 in prizes.
5 Moderators will spectate the game tasked with finding cheaters.
If you cheat you will be disqualified from the game and your score will not be counted.
Any and all cheaters will be banned from any and all future tournaments.
No teaming.
No Cheating.
No Emulators, No Controllers, and No keyboard and mouse We have to keep this fair for the intended audience.
Everybody must join AccelerationGaming’s discord because the room ID and Password will be posted to people that have been accepted into the tournament.
When you join the discord follow the instructions in announcements to get verified.
Verified players will receive the room ID and password.
No Taking advantage of glitches.
Only my close personal friends will become moderators.
If you get disqualified you will not receive your entry fee back.