Circus esports tour #4

Circus esports tour #4

By Circus esports
Qualifier tournament, leading to a final at the Retro MIA convention in Namur.

Discord Circus :

Check in at 19PM.
The toornament start at 20PM.
Presence on discord.
Europe/Brussels (UTC+02:00)
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€1.000 prize pool .

1st place : 500 euro
2nd place : 300 euro
3rd place : 200 euro
Online qualification :

Tournament Structure

- Tournament format:
All tournaments will be in a Best of 1 format.
All tournaments are played as single elimination.

- Check in (19PM)
Only Captains can check in to a Tournament for the entire team. If any other player/s check in for the Tournament it will not check your entire team in, so you would lose your spot in the Tournament.

- Stand-ins/Substitutions
Substitutions or stand-ins are not allowed in these Tournaments.

- Sides
the captain of the team on the topside of the bracket will start a coin toss. The winner can choose the starting side.

- Warm-up/Match Start
Warm-Up: Both captains have to type “!ready” on discord to start the match, you have a total of 10 minutes to use the command or else the match will be aborted and the
captain who did not !ready will have his team disqualified from the tournament, if both teams have the same amount of AFK the team with highest ELO will advance in the tournament and be disqualified in the following round.

- Match interrupted
If a match is involuntary interrupted (player crash, server crash, network cuts,…) the Live Support Admin may decide to resume the match to a round before the issue was present to give both teams a fair chance.

- Pause
A team may “pause” the game . The maximum allowed pause time is 10 minutes, once the pause timer countdown runs out you will not be able to pause and the match will still continue.

- After the match
When the match has been completed the result is automatically sent to the website and the winning team will advanced in the tournament.