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King of the Sea VII: North America

By SeaRaptor, Vas79, Quadrilus, TheBigM145 & _TheSneakySnake_
King of the Sea is the premier competitive organization for World of Warships. The format of the event is Tier X ships, 9v9, with limits on the amount of carriers and battleships a team can field.

This event is a four-day tournament for a maximum of forty (40) teams. It consists of the following rounds:

+ DAY 1 - Group Stage (Sunday, 21 October @ 3pm Eastern)
Thirty-two (32) teams will compete in a round-robin group stage consisting of three (3) complete matches. Expected duration: 5 hours.

+ DAY 2 - Elimination Stage (Saturday, 27 October @ 3pm Eastern)
Sixteen (16) teams from the Group Stage will advance to a series of single-elimination matches, and will eventually encounter the eight (8) seeded teams. Seeded teams are based on the final standings of Clan Battles Season 3. Expected duration: 4 hours.

+ DAY 3 - Quarter- and Semi-finals (Sunday, 28 October @ 3pm Eastern)
The remaining eight (8) teams will continue to play single-elimination matches until only four (4) teams remain. Expected duration: 4 hours.

+ DAY 4 - Finals and Third Place Matches (Saturday, 3 November @ 6pm Eastern)
The final four (4) teams will each play one match to determine the final placement of each team. Expected duration: 5 hours.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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NOTE: All prize pools are per team; teams are free to split these prizes among the team members however they see fit.

FIRST (1st) PLACE: 384,000 coal + 54,000 doubloons
Second (2nd) Place: 288,000 coal + 42,000 doubloons
Third (3rd) Place: 192,000 coal + 30,000 doubloons
Fourth (4th) Place: 192,000 coal + 18,000 doubloons
Fifth (5th) through Eighth (8th) Place: 96,000 coal + 12,000 doubloons
Ninth (9th) through Sixteenth (16th) Place: 48,000 coal + 6,000 doubloons
Seventeenth (17th) through Thirty-Second (32nd) Place: 48,000 coal
All participants: 60 FTW camouflages