2018 USTA Open Finals

2018 USTA Open Finals

By US Tak Association
The 2018 USTA Open Finals is the culmination of the 2018 season of Tak competition. Players participated in up to three qualifiers throughout the year with the top 2 players from each receiving a qualification spot. The final 2 spots were awarded to the top season points earners.

The players now face off in double-elimination format to decide the new reigning open champion.
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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First place prize sponsored by Wyrmwood Gaming - Purpleheart Tak Box Set

Second and third place prizes sponsored by Andrew Cookson - Hand-tooled leather Tak Sets.

Prize details shown here: https://ustak.org/2018/09/the-2018-usta-open-finalists/
1. Time Controls: Each game shall be played with time controls of 10min + 20sec.

2. Match: Each match shall be played as 2 games, with each player having first move in one game.

3. Scheduling: Matches should be scheduled at least once per week, though playing more frequently should be a priority for everyone. All scheduling must be coordinated with the tournament organizer at least 24 hours in advance to allow for streaming.

4. Tiebreakers: In the event that a match is tied 1-1 games, the "FORD" method tiebreaker system will be used. This is defined as Winner's Flat Count + Opponent's Reserves + Flat Differential. The greater of these total values is then awarded the win. Penalty points may be awarded at the tournament director's discretion if players attempt to exploit this system in an unsportsmanlike way.

5. Game Location: Games shall be played on the PlayTak.com website. Players may use the default interface or the TreffnonX version, found at - http://treffnonx.github.io/TakWeb/