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MarkovChainz Challenge

By MarkovChainz
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Group and bracket Fortnite tournament, based on Friday Fortnite rules

Sign up with your favorite friend, or if you don't have someone to team with, you can sign up individually and we can help you pair with another single once we see who has registered.

It's expected that you finish all games in a reasonable amount of time. Once your opponent is available, please ready up and get the match rolling so that we can finish the tournament in a night. Excessive delays will result in your team being kicked out.
America/Denver (UTC-06:00)
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1st place team: $10

Entrance fee: $0

-2 teams of 2 compete against each other in 1 squad in a normal squad game
-Play 2 squad games
-Duo with the most cumulative kills at the end of 2 squad games wins
-If the kill count is tied at the end of 2 squad games, play a tie-breaker game.

-If the cumulative kill count is still tied after the tie-breaker game, determine the winner based on:
1. Most kills as a duo, during the tiebreaker game only
2. Last player alive
3. Most players alive (e.g. 2 instead of 1)
4. Higher kills of the lowest kill team-member of each duo, during the tiebreaker only
5. Higher kills of the highest kill team-member of each duo, during the tiebreaker only
6. Earliest in-game knock from the tiebreaker game
7. Tournament director flips a coin

-Automatic loss if you knock one of the players on the opposing duo, unless the other team is ok with a game redo, or it is determined by the tournament director that the knock was accidental or an in-game glitch. For an accidental team kill, the offending team must revive the victim team and give all loot and mats to the victim team. If the offending team cannot revive the victim team, the victim team automatically wins.

-All teams are encouraged to have at least one player in the duo stream their POV on Twitch (to make the tournament much more interesting)
-The stream must include voice chat and game audio
-Links to all team's Twitch streams will be posted on the MarkovChainz Twitter account