Taiwan Excellence Arena of Valor Tournament

By Genysis Cyber E-Sport
Sunway Ice Skating Ring
Taiwan Excellence Arena Of Valor Tournament
Registration is opened to anyone who are interested to join!

*Limited slots are opened up to anybody who are interest to join.

-LAN Tournament- ( 32 teams will be playing on stage based on their bracket)
Date: 27th - 28th October 2018
Time : 10:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.

Check-in: 9:00 a.m
Venue: Sunway Ice Skating Ring

Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/zDej5XJLJs62

Any Enquiry kindly pm the GamePlan Facebook page
Asia/Kuala Lumpur (UTC+08:00)
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Total Prize : RM 6,000
Champion : RM 3,000
1st Runner Up : RM 2,000
2nd Runner Up : RM 1,000
Introduction and Purpose
The following are the official rules of the Taiwan Excellence Arena of Valor tournament.

1) Team Member Eligibility
1.1) Player background
Any player from local or oversea are allowed to join the tournament, as long as they have the “ARENA OF VALOR” account registered their own name.
Players that came from local will required to submit their IC as evidence, while international player are required to submit their passport number as evidence.
1.2) Roster Submission

Roster are requested to submit during registration period. Any roster change request after the registration period will be ignore.

Each team are allowed to add in up till 7 members (2 as sub players).

1.3) Team Name, Team Tag and Player IGN
All names including Team Name, Team Tag and Player IGN must not contain of any vulgarities or obscenities that are not comply with broadcasting regulations.

2) Player Equipment
2.1) Mobile Device
Players are need to prepare their own device for offstage tournament. For On Stage, players will be provided by Sponsored device. Players must not damage or lose provided devices and players will be held responsible for any loss or damage.
2.2) Program Usage
Players are prohibited from installing their own programs that may influence on the match, and any player/team caught on breaking these rules will be ruled out of the tournament.
2.3) Social Media
Players are not allowed to open any other social media app except voice chat app.

3) Venue
3.1) General Venue Access
Only those who wear player or crew tag are allowed to access the tournament zone. Players are reminded that do not lost their tags throughout the whole event.
3.2) Food & Drink Restrictions
No food is allowed to bring in the venue. Drinks are permitted to bring into the venue.

4) Prize

Total Prize: RM 6,000
Champion: RM 3,000
1st Runner-Up: RM 2,000
2nd Runner-Up: RM 1,000

5) Match Schedule and Process
5.1) Change format of the tournament
Organizer have the right to change the format of the tournament depending on the number of the participants of the game. The format for the tournament will be single elimination all the way.
5.2) Technical Failure of Equipment
If a player encounters any equipment problems during any phase of the setup process, player must alert and notify a referee immediately.
5.3) Technical Support
Marshall will be available to assess with the setup process and troubleshoot any problems to encounter during the warm up phase.
5.4) Pick Order Selection
Before the match, referee and both team do coin toss to decide who will pick first for the first set. If team choose first pick on first set, they will be blue camp, and if they choose to pick after, then they will be red camp.
From the second set, loser of prior set will decide who will going to pick first.
For the Grand finals, the upper bracket will have the right to choose directly which side they want to be for set 1 and set 2.
From the third set, loser of prior set will decide who will going to pick first.
5.5) Hero Selection Process
The table below is the selection order.
Order Team A (Pre-pick) Team B (Post-pick)
Turn 1 Ban 1 hero
Turn 2 Ban 1 hero
Turn 3 Ban 1 hero
Turn 4 Ban 1 hero
Turn 5 Ban 1 hero
Turn 6 Ban 1 hero
Turn 7 Pick 1 hero
Turn 8 Pick 2 heroes
Turn 9 Pick 2 heroes
Turn 10 Pick 2 hero
Turn 11 Pick 2 heroes
Turn 12 Pick 1 hero
6) Game Rules
Teams that first destroy opponent base will be declare winner.

6.1) Pause
Each team are allowed to paused twice only with a valid reason provided to marshall (Technical issue are excluded).

6.2) Restart
The game will be restart with all pick mode only if the ban pick has already complete.
The decision of which conditions shall justify a game restart is solely at the discretion of referees. Examples are listed below for purposes of illustration only:
6.2.1. If a game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match which significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics.
6.2.2. If a referee determines that there are environmental conditions which are unfair (e.g., excessive noise, hostile weather, unacceptable safety risks)
6.2.3. If a referee determines that technical difficulties will not allow for the game to resume as normal. However, player’s mistake or careless setup may not be accepted the grounds for restart including settings of recommended equipment for hero, rune and skin.
6.2.4. In the event that the pause is announced due to equipment malfunctions, if it is not a game of record on 7.2.1, the organizations shall determine the restart.

7) Organizer Rights
Organizer have the rights to amend any result or any rules stated based on the on ground situation, player unprofessional behaviour or any cheating process are caught in the process.

All decisions regarding the interpretation of these Rules, player eligibility, scheduling of the competitions and penalties for misconduct, lie with the Organizations, the decisions of which are final.