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2018 AO Gamers Champions Cup
Xbox One

2018 AO Gamers Champions Cup

By The American Outlaws
The nationwide FIFA 18 tournament to be the best-of-the-best from all the American Outlaws chapters. The winners of local chapter FIFA tournaments are invited to compete in these online finals.
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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Pride, and an all expenses paid trip to a US game (some limitations apply). 2nd and 3rd places will receive prizes as well.
Eligible Teams - IMPORTANT!
Only current international teams are permitted (no club teams or other special or classic teams), with no customization of player stats. You must choose your team beforehand and use that team the entirety of the tournament.

Mid-game adjustments prohibited - IMPORTANT!
After the match has started, no adjustments to strategy, tactics, or formation is permitted unless one of your players is sent off or injured. This is to prevent “parking the bus” and other strategies that inhibit exciting play.

Tied Games - IMPORTANT!
Extra Time: In the event of a draw at the end of regulation time, players should use the “Classic” mode for overtime, this mode includes two 2-minute extra time periods and Penalty Kicks if the match is still tied.
Match Formats
Players will play matches in the following formats, depending upon the tournament round:

All Rounds except the final
Best of 1 (First player to win 1 game wins the match.)
Best of 3 (First player to win 2 games wins the match.)

Match Settings
All matches are to be played using the following settings:
Game type: Online Friendlies
Half Length: 6 minute halves
Controls: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Squad Type: Online
Formations: Only preset formations are allowed, no editing of player position within the formation
Adjustments: Once the match has started, players can only pause the game to change strategy, tactics and/or formation when a player of their team is sent off or injured

No known glitches/exploits are to be used at any point. It is the responsibility of players to understand and avoid all current illegal exploits

Match Delay

Matches must be played in their entirety. The match must still be completed before the start time & date of your next tournament round, as listed under the Tournament Schedule.

Failure to complete a match before the start time & date of the next tournament round may result in one or both players forfeiting the match and removed from the tournament.

If a player delays the start for longer than ten (10) minutes, they will forfeit that match.

The player that did not delay must provide video proof showing that this delay did occur.


If a game starts with severe connection issues (first 30 seconds), both players must agree to start a new game
On a disconnection, if the player that lost connection was ahead by 1 or more goals at the time when they disconnected, the match must be restarted.
If the disconnected player was losing by one or more goals, the player that was not disconnected wins.
If the match is currently a draw (0-0, 1-1 etc) and before half time when a player has lost connection, the match must be restarted.
If the match is in the second half and a draw when a player disconnects, the player that was not disconnected wins.
The hosting player (who invites the other player in Online Friendlies) is the player listed on the “top” side of each matchup in the tournament schedule listing. The hosting/top player should also be the Home team during side selection. The tourney admins can confirm if there are any questions. If there are challenges with the game connecting with the “top” player hosting, please have the “bottom” side player then attempt to host.


Match Result
Both players are responsible for reporting the result of a match.

Please report the match results via text message to the specific tourney admin who texted you to start that individual game.

Tournament brackets will be updated once both players have reported the match. In the instance that only one player reports the match result, the result will automatically be confirmed after ten (10) minutes.

Disputed Result
In the instance that both players report conflicting results, the match will be placed into dispute and will be handled by a member of staff.

In the event of a dispute, both players will be asked to provide evidence of their match victory. Please see the Evidence Policy section below to find out what evidence is required.

If neither player is able to provide evidence of their match victory, both players will be removed from the tournament.
No Shows
A player has ten (10) minutes to show-up and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit, and their opponent granted a 3-0 score.
No Show Proof
If you have a no show issue, you must provide video evidence that you have invited the opposing player to play prior to the ten (10) minute no show deadline. If you suspect the other player is going to breach the 10 minute limit, please use a method (such as a mobile phone video recording) to record you attempting to invite between the 9th and 10th minute.
We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Players caught cheating, glitching or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be permanently banned from this and all future competitions.
Evidence Policy
We strongly recommend that you obtain photo evidence showing the outcome of every match.

Evidence Requirements
When asked to provide evidence for the outcome of a match, all video and photographic evidence must clearly show the match score, time, players in the lobby and, if necessary, evidence of the rule violation of the opposing player.

Evidence that does not meet the above criteria will not be considered.
User Conversations
All conversations between users are not considered evidence. This includes, but is not limited to:
Private Messages
PSN Messages
XBL Messages
Skype Messages
Direct Messages

Evidence that has been faked or tampered with in any way will not be accepted as valid. Anyone found to be providing fake proof will be permanently banned from competing on the website.