Season 8 NA Elite

Season 8 NA Elite

This is the tournament hub for NA's Eighth Quake Open League Elite Division. Players are required to check-in to Discord before they begin games on match day. Additional tournament information can be found below.
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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**Elite Division Prize Pool: $1000**
- 1st: $600
- 2nd: $200
- 3rd-4th: $100
Check-in by announcing this to an official league admin.

Only check-in if you’re 100% sure to participate until the end of the cup.

People who check-in and don’t play their matches will be get a points deduction and may be suspended from future leagues. Please see rules “Disqualification Policy” in rules

Quake Open League staff will do seeding for each division prior to tournament start.

**Map pool**

- Bloodrun

- Ruins of Sarnath

- Corrupted Keep

- Blood Covenant

- Awoken

-Vale of Pnath

-Molten Falls

**Match stages**

- Week 1 games: Group Stage Round Robin

- Week 2 games: Group Stage Round Robin

- Week 3 games: Group Stage Round Robin / Early Play-off

- Finals Weekend: Top 8 Single Elimination Bracket

- All matches will be played in a Best of 3 system, apart from the Grand Final which will be Best of 5.

*Winner of coin toss picks first - use .flip or !!flip command in discord

[Full Rules here](