XGD Invitational League

Xul Gin Distillery Esports Invitational League S2

By DWhitt
This tournament is laid back. The idea is to have fun playing similar teams and help everyone stay practiced and coordinated.
The tournament will be round robin format and consist of 1 round per month in May and June. You will be given a schedule telling you in which round you will play each team. Get in contact with your opponent and put it in the TeamUp calender: https://teamup.com/ksrcv7h7dw87eccv6y.
Matchups will consist of 2 games. Each win will be counted as 1 point.
The winning captain will input the results of the match on the toornament website.
There is a link to the official results sheet in the season schedule channel.
There will be a BO3 playoff bracket for the top 4 teams. It will also be self scheduled. Playoff finals will be BO3 or BO5. TBD
Round 1: May 1-31
Round 2: June 1-23
Playoff Round 1: June 23 - June 30
Playoff Round 2: July 1 - July 7
Let's have some fun!
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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No prize information.
Map Pool:

🔹Alterac Pass
🔹Battlefield of Eternity
🔹Braxis Holdout
🔹Cursed Hollow
🔹Dragon Shire
🔹Infernal Shrines
🔹Tomb of the Spider Queen
🔹Towers of Doom
🔹Volskaya Foundry

Banned Skins/Mounts follow NGS Rules!
No ban on initial hero releases

However, anything is allowed if other Captain agrees. Otherwise a quick remake will occur.