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FortressOne Oceania

FortressOne Oceania

By zel
Online, Sydney
Matches to be played weekly and concluded by midnight Sundays. Pre-season matches begin 6 Jan 2019, with scored games beginning 20 Jan 2019.

The tournament is a 4 v 4 FortressOne league.
- Stage 1 is a round-robin. Each team will play each other team twice, once at "home" and once "away".
- Stage 2 is a double elimination play-offs for the top-four teams.

Matches will be best of five maps. The home team will nominate three maps, and the away team two. Each team can choose a maximum of one special map.

Format will be 10 minutes attack vs defense, then swap. Blue attacks first. Home team plays as blue on first map, and teams alternate colours each game. Maps played in order HAHAH.

Win: 3 points
Draw: 2 points
Loss: 1 point
Forfeit: 0 points
Australia/Sydney (UTC+10:00)
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$1040 prize-pool pledged so far.

There will be a participation prize for all teams who complete all matches in the league stage.

The remaining prize-pool will be distributed:
- 1st: 50%
- 2nd: 30%
- 3rd: 15%
- 4th: 5%
# Scheduling
Teams can agree to play at any time throughout the week. Teams who cannot agree on a time should contact an organiser ASAP. If teams are unable to complete their game due to scheduling, priority will be given to the team that makes themselves available on Sunday evenings.

# Substitutes
- Each team may use a maximum of one substitute in any given match.
- 3 v 3 games are okay if both teams agree or if a substitute player cannot be found.
- If a team can only field 2 players and the opposing team has 4, the full team decides if the match will be 3 v 3 with one substitute, or 4 v 4 with two substitutes.

# Maps

## Core maps
well6, h4rdcore, 2fort5r, genders2, frozen1, mbasesr, turtler, tf2k, ff_schtop, stag3, blitkrieg2, bam4

## Special maps
oppose2, dissect, excel, rock2, sewer1small, 2night2, 32smooth, shoop, canalzonsmall, ff_destroy, fatta1, rstrong, drop2remix, optics5r

# Class limits
- no sniper
- no pyro/plasma
- no randompc

## Attack
- no hwguy

## Defense
- max 1 demoman
- max 1 engineer
- no scout
- no medic

# Front defense
The defending team must not engage in "front defense", unless:
- The flag has advanced to the area inside the entrance. E.G. the main ramp in mbasesr.
- Defending the pre-blown grate on well6.
- Other reasonable circumstances.

Rules are subject to change. Tournament organisers will have final say.