Halo South Africa Tournament

Halo South Africa: Halo 5 and Halo 3 Tournament

By NicmeisteR
The first of many Halo Tournaments to start off 2019.

The Tournament takes place at the Maverick Gaming Center, everyone is free to join us there to compete on LAN, if you can't make it to the venue feel free to join us online.


At the LAN venue you will have access to unlimited 600Mbps Fibre, we also have 8 consoles and copies of the game on request. Be sure to contact me if you need to borrow a console. If you do not Have Halo 5 you can get it free on Xbox Game Pass.

This is a bring your own console LAN, we provide seats, screens and everything else at the venue.

All you need:
Xbox One Console
Halo 5
Power Cable and HDMI Cable

This tournament takes place on two days:

Saturday / 5 Jan: Halo 5 (At LAN and joinable Online)*
Sunday / 6 Jan : Halo 3 (Online Only)**

*Don't own Halo 5? Get it for free with a Xbox Game Pass Trial

**The Halo 3 tournament is played on Halo MCC, dont have MCC? Get it free with Xbox Game Pass!

Don't have a team? No problem we have a free agents group and we will help you find your teammates.

Please be sure to join our Discord Channel to stay in touch:
Africa/Johannesburg (UTC+02:00)
Join Discord
Halo 5 will be played with the international HCS settings.
Halo 3 will be played with the MLG settings.