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Ground Zero Qualifier 2

Ground Zero Qualifier 2 | Scorpia Tournaments

By Scorpia
Ground Zero Qualifier 2

A new series that Scorpia is introducing! Play in the qualifiers to gain points that will give your team access to the finals! A qualifier takes up to two weeks. The first week will consist of Round Robin and by request of you guys, you can schedule those matches yourself over the course of one whole week! The matches of week two will be streamed by our professional casters and will take place during the weekend!

Sign Up:
1. Register on Toornament
2. Pay the entry fee on the Matcherino page
3. Let your whole team join our discord
4. Wait for verification
Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+02:00)
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Prizepool Qualifer:
1. 250 points
2. 175 points
3. 75 points

80% of the entry fee goes to the finals, the other 20% goes to the organizer and casters.

Current point standings: