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DEKT Gaming Blackout Tournament

By DEKT Gaming
Online, Online
Welcome to DEKT Gaming's first ever Blackout tournament! We have designed a points system that will determine the winner of each match. We hope you enjoy the tournament and would love to receive your feedback at the end to help us improve for future competitions.
Australia/Brisbane (UTC+10:00)
This tournament will build towards our grading for each team. Gradings determine what divisions/groups you're team will be placed in for future leagues/tournaments.
Knockout tournament with each match played best of 3 rounds. A code will be sent out to each team captain who must submit the results of each round with this code.

The team with the highest points total at the end of each round wins that round. The team who wins 2 out of 3 rounds is determined the winning team for the match and they will progress to the next round.
Matches will be played on the standard Blackout mode (not custom) as this is the best way to earn as many points as you can.

Captains, please take a photo of your team results at the end of each round and private message our DEKT Gaming Facebook page as verification of the points earnt. You must have the code that we send you in the photo as well. You must write the code down once received and hold it next to the end of round scores while taking a photo.

How to earn points:
A victory gives your team 5 points
Finishing 2nd-5th gives your team 3 points
Finishing 6th - last gives your team 0 points
A kill gives your team 2 points
A cleanup gives your team 1 point
Bonus 2 points for every squad member alive at the end of the round.

Cheating will not be tolerated, if you suspect a team/player is cheating please video the cheating and contact us immediately so we can investigate. If cheating is confirmed the player/team will be banned from future tournaments.