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COSINE Dev EIC Super Smash Bros Ultimate Showdown (Jan 18)

Redmond, WA
Battle your way to the top (and to awesome prizes!) against colleagues and friends at the Cosine Dev EIC 2019 Kickoff on January 18th!

***To participate, you must be a Microsoft Employee.***

| Tournament Format |
- Single-elimination
- Group Stage 1: 4-person FFA; top two players advance
- Group Stage 2: 4-person FFA; winner advances
- Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals: 1v1; winner advances
- Please show up 5 minutes before your next scheduled match time!
- Single Joy-Cons will be provided, but you are free to bring your own controller or Joy-Con(s) as well
- All characters will be unlocked, but not necessarily on all stations. If you main a specific character, please inform us during registration.

| Tentative Schedule |
1300: Registration closes
1310: Group stage match schedule published
1315: Group Stage 1 matches begin
1415: Group Stage 2 matches begin
1445: Quarterfinals
1500: Semifinals
1515: 3rd Place match broadcasted!
1530: Finals broadcasted!

| Questions? |
America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
1st place - High-end Headphones (Model TBA)
2nd place - Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Pro Controller
3rd place - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Official Guide

Prizes are subject to change.
Rules are based off the Genesis 6 ruleset found here:

| Match Format |
- Differences from the Genesis 6 ruleset are starred (***) below
- Players get 2 minutes for character selection + control setup
- Matches start once all players agree that they are ready or the 2-minute preparation time is up
- All characters are valid

○ 3 Stock, 8 minute time limit
○ Final Smash Meter: ON***
○ Spirits: Off
○ Damage Handicap: OFF
○ Stage Selection: RANDOM (from legal stage list)***
○ Items: Off and none
○ First to: 1 win
○ Stage Morph: Off
○ Stage Hazards: ON***
○ Launch Rate: 1.0x
○ Underdog Boost: Off
○ Pausing: Off
○ Score Display: Off
○ % Show Damage: Yes
○ Custom Balance: Off
○ Echo Fighters: Separate
○ Radar: Small

| Legal Stage List |
- Expect no large stages or insta-kill environments

| Rules |
- 1.4 - Double Blind Character Selection: Any player in a match agree can request a double-blind character selection, where each player must tell a referee their character pick first before the character selection screen.
- 1.7 - Stalling or intentionally making the game unplayable is banned and results in a forfeit.
- 1.8 - If a game ends in a self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner.
- 1.9 - If a game goes to sudden death, the winner is determined by stocks and percentage with the time ends. Tie-breaking rules in order:
○ Player with higher stock
○ Player with lower percentage health
○ 1-stock tiebreaker played with a 3-minute time limit
○ Process repeats
- 1.14 - If there is a dispute in character colors, players will play one game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
- 1.19 - No coaching allowed at any time. Violations are on a 3-strike system (see full ruleset).
- 1.20 - If a player is not there by their match time, it results in a forfeit.
- 1.21 - No collusion.
- 1.22 - Games will not be replayed due to misinterpretation of the rules or misconfiguration of game settings.
- 1.23 - Games will be replayed if interrupted by external factors (e.g. power outage) will be replayed.
- 1.24 - Tournament staff have final say.
- 2.3.6 - If anything occurs in a game that causes unforeseen consequences, gameplay should continue unless it makes the game unplayable for one or more players. In that case, notify a tournament staff member.
- 2.3.8 - No player may create more than three control schemes.