Erangle battle - Match #2

Erangle Squad Match - Squad fight

• Login in tournament organizer and then Enter in match.
• Register in tournament and pay entry fee Rs-10/person(Each squad Rs 40).
About this Match
• If in anyway you fail to join the room by the match start time then we aren't responsible for it. Refund in such cases won't be processed. So make sure to join on time.
• Do not share the Room ID & Password with anyone who has not joined the match. If you are found doing so, your account may get terminated and all the winnings will be lost.
• Griefing and Teaming is against the game rules. Any participant found doing so will be disqualified and their prizes will be lost.
• Room ID and Password will be shared in the app before 15 minutes of match start time.
• Match will start after 15 minutes of Sharing Room ID and Password.
• Make sure to grab ID and Password before the Match Start Time.
• Make sure you join the Match Room ASAP, before the match starts.
• This match is Paid match. To participate, you have to pay the entry fee amount. There are total 100 spots available. Join it before all the spots are filled.
• Please note that the listed entry fee is per individual and not the squad/duo team.
• Each member of a team (Squad or Solo or Duo) has to pay the entry fee and register individually for the match or tournament.
• Once you join the match custom room, do not keep changing your position. If you do so, you may get kicked from the room.
• Spots are given on the First Come First Basis.
Structure to be determined.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
Join Discord
• You will be also rewarded for each kill. Check the rewards details above.
• Last standing man gets the Chicken Dinner Award.
• If you have any queries then contact us on [email protected] M GAMER.
• Also, if you want to arrange Giveaway or Sponsor any such match then drop us a mail at [email protected] M GAMER.

ENTRY FEES: RS 40/per squad.(Rs 10/person)

Prize details:
Winning Prize: Rs 100 + (FREE ENTRY for next tournament).

Above 5 kills Rs 10 extra for each Squad.

#Send Money For Registration via -PATYM -7282834969/ Google Pay -7282834969/[email protected]
#Only online payment not accepted in cash💸💸💸.
#After pay fee you can send screenshot for proof in Whatsapp no. 📲 -- 7282834969/
#And Match started in 02/04/2019 11:00PM in night.
• Use all weapons and enjoy the match.
• Use only Mobile Device to Join Match. Do not use any Hacks or Emulators.
• If anyone found violating these rules then immediate action will be taken and respective accounts may get banned and rewards may be abandoned.