Rival's Gaming League PUBG Mobile- Squad

By Rival's Gaming League
Online, Online
Have you ever felt the need to showcase your gaming skills to the world and feel superior, and tell how you are different from others.

Definitely, you thought of this. So here, at RGL, we host "Online" and "Offline" Gaming Events providing a platform to find your real competitors.

We not only give you a platform but a way to achieve your goals. With great Prize Pools and Incentives, it is a shoutout for all the gamers to join hands and come with your skills to impact the communities.

" We help you to find your Rival. Because Rivals makes you work hard. "
Structure to be determined.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
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Prize Pool by and for community.
No emulators will be entertained, if any emulators is found, then and there players will be kick out from the server.

For PUBG MOBILE Squad: INR 200 per team.

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