$1,000 Duos Fortnite Qualifier
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No Pause $1,000 winter tournament series

By No Pause Gaming
Online, 1700 N state Street Ste. 16
Do NOT register here on Toornament, Registering on this site has nothing to do with our tournaments.
How to enter:

Step 1: You must follow onTwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/npgutah
Step 2: You must join Discord (for tournament communications): https://discord.gg/bY7UWwR

Step 3: You must complete the following:
Go to https://www.nopausegaming.com/events.html#!/ and buy either Tuesday or Friday tickets. Only need one ticket per user.

Tournaments held on Tuesday and Friday are qualifying tournaments for our $1,000 No Pause Gaming tournament held on the 2nd of March at 7:00 PM Mountain Time. In order to participate in the Grand Final, you must place first place in a tournament on Tuesday or Friday between the 13th of February to the 1st of March.
DM an Employee on our No Pause Discord
America/Denver (UTC-06:00)
Join Discord
Tournaments held January 22nd through march 1st, 2019 on Friday tournaments will have a $5 per paying team prize for 1st place in each tournament. Tournaments between theses date on Tuesday will have a double point prize with no cash prize.

The top 8 players will compete for a minimum of a $1,000 prize pool on the weekend of Match 1st 2019. The prize pool will be split between the top 3 teams. First place will receive 70%, second place will receive 20%, and third place will receive 10% of the prize pool.

Prizes will be given out via PayPal within 48 hours of completion of Tournament, if you have completed all necessary documents and submitted them. If you have not submitted all necessary documents with-in 48 hours, you become ineligible for the prize(s). Prize money earned by a team will be split 50-50. For example, team 1 wins 70% or $700. Each player on that team will win 50% of that or $350. Failure to report enough details regarding, name, age, email, phone number, pay pal account, pay pal email, etc. within 30 days will forfeit prize. If winning player gives incorrect information to staff, administrators, owners or any affiliate with No Pause Gaming that results in payment being processed wrong, No Pause Gaming, staff or any affiliate of No Pause Gaming will not be held accountable for the error in payment. All participating player agree before being able to participate in tournament series.
Complete list of rules found at Nopausegaming.com