Challenge Cup
Playstation 4

Challenge Cup NBA 2K '19

By WireXx eSports
Online, Global
" Challenge Cup 2019 " . Promotional Contest
* Must be our Twitch follower to be eligible for the Prizing .
*By participating in this contest you are giving Wirexx eSports LLC a permission to use any part of contest consisting of your name tag/image/voice for the future promotional purposes such as video clips , pictures , flyers etc
Questions ?
Discord .
We will be hosting the Finals of the "Challenge Cup " on the WirexxEsports Twitch Channel! All participants or one participant from each match must record the whole match and send it to us for our editors to make an awesome Tournament recap / Highlight video. Make sure to follow us on Twitch as per the rules say, and streaming the match is also encouraged to do so! Lets have fun and good luck to everyone participating! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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First : $10 PP ( less than 8 players
Matches : 05/25 -06/1
*1st rd : Ends by 11 59 pm 05/27
2nd rd : Ends by 11 59 pm 05/29
Semis : Ends by 11 59 pm 06 / 01
Final :On 06/02 . time will be determined
Special prizes might be provided by our partners/sponsors during the contest .
* MUST be wirexxesports Twitch follower in order to be eligible for the Prizing
* Field of 16 checked in players needed for the full prizing to kick in -
lesser prizing will be provided otherwise .
Online . 32 players Max . 8 players Min
*Contest could/will be cancelled if there are less than 8 participants .

Playoffs . 1 vs 1 . Best of 3
Final : Best of 3
* One of the players must stream and record their match up to prevent misunderstanding between Administration and participants
* Final Match stream will be hosted on Wirexxesports Twitch channel Will be playing NOT with your "MyPlayer" but with the NBA Teams!
COMMON SENSE RULES like in any other tournament .
Players are responsible for setting up date/time of a match .
Winner is responsible for reporting a match result .
--- ----
FULL Rules :

Any delay of more than 15 minutes without having informed your opponent or an administrator before or during the 15 minute delay will result in a lump! Team choice:
- All-Stars teams are not allowed
- Legends teams are not allowed
- Classic teams are not allowed
- All-time teams are not allowed
- Golden States Warriors are forbidden

If when connecting with your opponent before the start of the match (TBD) the connection remains impossible, refer to an administrator on our Discord . " WirexxRI " ( #wrxteam ) who will decide the outcome of the match.
The player at the top of the table in the tournament tree always hosts the match. Except agreement between the players .

The first disconnection causes the game to stop. In the absence of an agreement between the two players, you must notify an administrator on our Discord channel , so that a fair decision is made.

At the 2nd disconnection of the same player, the game is interrupted and the disconnected player is declared forfeit! ( unless you 'll come up with some great excuse )

No voluntary disconnection will be allowed and will be penalized more than any other fault!
Clearly: Even if your opponent does not respect certain rules, a voluntary disconnection or a Rage-Quit on your part will cause a defeat
. Good Luck to everyone ! #wrxnba