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We Got Game!

By We Got Game!
We Got Game! 5v5 B04 Tournament.

We Got Game! has hosted over 750 LAN event over the past 12 years for Colleges/Universities and the general public. We are now expanding our tournaments online and providing the ultimate online experience to our gamers.

We has had many pro gamers begin their careers at We Got Game! and now some of the top players in the world competing at the highest stages. We are expanding our network online in hopes to find the next biggest gamer out of our tournaments.

- Online admins
- 16 consoles setup to spectate games.
- 8 games Stream Surfed by our commentator. Follow
- Team captain will be on discord for live communication with online admins.
- SharePlay Feature will be used to monitor games.
- Brackets will be updated once games completed

Join us Saturday August 10th as we launch our 5v5 online tournament. This is a trial tournament for our upcoming College/University season so our we are providing discounted events as low as $4.00/player if you act fast for your chance at 75-100% of prize pool.

How to Register:
Click here to register by paypal or CC Then return here to fill out team info.

Teams 1-8 $20.00/Team or $4.00/player
Teams 9-16 $30.00/Team or $6.00/player
Teams 17-32 $50.00/Team or $10.00/player
Teams 33-48 $60.00/Team or $12.00/player
Teams 49-64 $80.00/Team or $16.00/player
America/Toronto (UTC-04:00)
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Final prize pool will be finalized once registeration is complete. Prizes will be rewarded by a percentage of the total pot with is detailed below.

1-16 Teams - Prize pool 100% of pot Top 2 teams
17-32 Teams - Prize pool 90% of pot Top 2 teams
33-48 teams - Prize pool 80% of pot Top 6 teams (4-6 will win their money back)
49-64 teams - Prize pool 75% of pot Top 8 Teams (4-8 will win their money back)
Date: Sunday August 11th
Time: Estimated 11am
Format: Online
Type: 5v5
Structure: BO5 Double Elimination

Click here to register by paypal or credit card.