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EuropeAfrica FIFA19 MashUp
Playstation 4

Europe Africa FIFA19 Mashup Online Tournament

By Ghana Esports | Sponsored by Razer & Caturix
Online, Online
Fifa 19 Online friendly matches involving Players countries from Europe and Africa. This tournament is to create unique friendship and collaboration between Africa and Europe

Gamers from European countries will be pair with Africa Gamers. Matches will be played in kickoff online mode of FIFA19
1vs1 Tournament on Playstation4

Availability on Tournament days and access to PSN Gold membership to play online.

Date: 7th & 8th September 2019
Two days of gameplay using the Toornament App as tournament management.

Denmark, Ghana, Germany, Nigeria, Sweden,
Guinea, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Italy, and Djibouti
UTC (UTC+00:00)
Razer Raiju Ultimate - Wireless PS4 Controller
(Sponsored by Razer)

Caturix Esports Bag
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Gamer Networking
Culture Exchange
Game Type: Online Friendlies.
Controls: Any
Team Level: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Weather: Sunny / Clear
Squad Type: Kickoff / Online / Any

FIFA Online Tournament Rules
This page contains the rules about the gameplay and player behavior within the tournaments. We try to include rules for all situations but sometimes assistance might be needed. If this is the case, send a message to us via the WhatsApp chat. Every gamer has to be aware of the behavior guidelines and online tournament rules.

1. General
1.1 The organizing Team assumes that each participant who enters a tournament is aware of all the rules and checks them periodically. Insufficient knowledge of the rules cannot be used as an excuse for breaking the rules.

1.2 A player can only create one account. Selling, renting, trading or receiving compensation in any way, shape or form is forbidden.

1.3 Every participant who breaks a rule will be Penalised. The exact way will be decided by the Admin involved. Examples include but not limited to a 3-0 loss, replay, penalty points, leaving the tournament early, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.

1.4 Rosters will be placed on this website before the tournament will start. After the tournament started, no changes or substitutes to the roster are allowed.

1.5 Matches need to be played within the times the Players roster shows.
1.6 Gamers who participate are required to play with the Gamer ID (PSN Account) they have specified.

1.7 The Gamer ID which is being used has to equal to the Gamer ID shown on the roster. If another account is going to be used, submit this to an Admin BEFORE the tournament has started.

1.8 Every participant is required to be online in the chat of the tournament they are participating in.

1.9 Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.

1.10 Complaining about losing a game incorrectly after a match cannot be taken into account in the final outcome of a match. If there are reasons to suspect that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to the admin before your opponent has taken benefit of the problem. ( The beginning of the game. )

2. Tournament Guidelines
2.1 Each player has to register with its on ToornamentApp in order to participate in an online tournament.

2.2 All participants must check themselves in 5 minutes before the tournament starts. This can be done via the inbox or via the tournament lobby. NOTE: If you do not check yourself in the within the 5 minutes, you will not be eligible to participate in the tournament and you will lose your credits.

2.3 The game schedule and the times when the games have to be played will be published after the check-in.

2.4 The player who plays ' home ' is responsible for starting a match.

2.5 Both opponents are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game.

2.6 If both players are ready and started the game it is not allowed to hold extra breaks that are not allowed in the game.

2.7 When an online tournament is organized for teams, only the main player needs to register for the tournament.

2.8 When a tournament is organized for teams and one of the teams misses players, the relevant team will be disqualified.

2.9 Each Gamer is required to take at least one photo of the score. This photo should contain the score, the names, and a time stamp.

2.10 When your next match is available in the schedule, you have to start directly. If the match doesn't start in 15 minutes, the player who doesn't show up in time will be disqualified.

3. Specific game settings FIFA

3.1 General:
• Settings: Standard settings
• Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
• Game speed: Normal
• Level: Legendary

3.2 All matches should be played by a ´Friendly Match´

3.3 All matches have to be played with the online squads.

3.4 Only tactical defense is allowed.

3.5 It´s forbidden to use custom formations, only the standard formations are allowed to use. (So don´t use the square button to change the position of players)

(When your opponent has a custom formation, make a screenshot and send it in the chat to the Admin. Your opponent gets a warning, and you will play a rematch. When a player plays with a custom formation for the second time, he/she will be disqualified.)

3.6 When the EA servers are going down during a match, and all the participants of the tournament are getting kicked out of the match, the specific match of that round will be played again.

3.7 When 2 players can´t connect in a private match, they won´t receive any game points. If there is a possibility, the players can play the match after the group stage. The Admin will decide if there is time enough for the replay.

3.8 When the connection is lost, the match will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score.

3.9 Playoff stage:
• All matches played best of 2 matches: Home and Away (So 2 matches)
• When it’s a tie, there will be a new match with Golden Goal. (The first team that scores, wins the match)

3.10 It is allowed to play with a club- and national teams.

3.11 It is allowed to change your team during the tournament.