60 NDT Part 2

Nodes limited domination tournament

By Butanium
/!\This isn't a private tournament everyone who read the rules can register/!\
A 60 nodes limited tournament with the domination mode.
There are 2 stages :
The first one is a League with 1 division
The second one is a double elimination tournament : you are eliminated if you loose 2 matchs. The seeds of this stage are determined by the first stage rankings.

The better players will be in the high division and the other in the normal division.
In the first stage there are 2 "days". During 1 day you fight 1 time against all the other players.
In second phase all matchs are Best of 3
The winner of the tournament is the player who won the Grand Finals, between the Upper and Lower Bracket winners :
• If the Upper Bracket winner wins the match, he is the winner of the Grand Finals, and the second match of the Grand Finals is removed.
• If the Lower Bracket winner wins the match, the Grand Finals is reset, and a second match is played between the two participants. The winner of this second match is the Grand Finals winner.

Please make sure that the nickname you use register here is identical to your Gladiabots-nick.
Europe/Paris (UTC+01:00)
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HONOR AND GLORY ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
This is a node limited tournament, so you have to deploy a team containing no more than 60 nodes. If you exceed that limit (even if this is because of the Autodeploy) your match will be considered as a loose.
The nodes count is made by the sum of the number of nodes of all your ais.

/!\ For exemple if you use 2 times the same IA of 11 nodes that count for 22 in the sum /!\

All classes are allowed.

In the first stage you will have 12h to deploy your AIs and only 6h in the second one before the game deploys them.
The game will choose the first available setup (Bot-choice + AI's) in this order:
-The setup you used the latest in this Tournament
-The setup you used the latest in a ranked match
-The setup you used the latest in a private-/freeplay match
-All assault-bots with empty AI's

A win is 3 points worth
A draw is 1
A loose is 0

You'll be able to change your AIs during the tournament but you have to keep a screenshot of all the AIs you used during the tourney because the winner of the tourney will have to show all the AIs he used

Please be sure to write "Banana" in the "secret key of the tournament" field of your registration
#Second Stage:AutoDeployTimeout=15000